Saturday, August 13, 2011

Liam, Line Art, and More Rain

Today was a thrilling and yet heart wrenching day as it was my first full day with Liam back here at home. With all my swedish visa papers complete and him able to go to school here he finally was able to come back to Sweden and is currently sleeping peacefully down stairs.

In other news Ciwi was here to visit on Thursday night! Here is she in all her glory after I painted her nails bright green heheh! It was a shame that she could only stay a night but I had a great time running around Malmö in the rain with her trying in perfume and drinking ice tea ^^ Hope we can have another visit very soon! :D
In terms of our art trade together, were both done with our characters lineart, so I shall proudly display it here for you!
here is her lineart for my character Bella! Look at those boots! better than I ever sketched them lool amazing work so far!!

and here is my lineart for her too WoW chars, in more lolita clothing :P Its going to be a nighttime scene, so a new coloring challenge!

Other than that I have new concepts and designs for Aedhen, a great painting idea for Heidis and also the brilliant news that my art supplier Martin just got an amaaazzzing printer, which I went to go check out today... possibly the largest printer Ive ever encountered in person truly.
Well be doing a print of Aedhen: Winter Guardian on a beautiful quality canvas when they come into stock so I truly cant wait to show all of you how it looks printed in the future!!!

Hope everyones having a great weekend ^^


  1. Ahh! I'm getting so excited by reading this post!! I can't wait to see the final picture, and I can't wait to finish Bella! Had the best time with you! Somehow that perfume (think it was Cat Deluxe by Naomi Campbell) will remind me of you from now on. Lol! Hope everything will go well for you guys from here on! :D <3

  2. So glad to hear about Liam's arrival!!!!

    & enjoy the printer... sounds yummy :)

  3. @ Ciwi - LOL!! i know right? and youll always be nina ricci ...elixir :P haha fantastic ^^ i had a great time too looking forward to the next trip!! and i hope everything goes well for you too when school starts :D

    @Orly yeah the printer WAS yummy and Liam says hello!!! (he typed that all on his own ^^)