Friday, August 5, 2011

Aedhen: Winter Guardian Complete!

It is complete! After many hours toiling, and attempting, her she is in all her glory ^^
You can read more about what everything in the picture means either on my post earlier or on my deviantart page especially the later for the thank yous for textures ^^
It was a hard project because of the background but it all pulled together nicely! Lets recap shall we over all the work in progress photos hehe:
there was a sketch based after my own personal kung fu :P
which became line art in paint tool sai
then i sorted out the base colors and decided i needed a background next
heres that and progress on shading, check out my live stream for me doing the background!
and were back to the completed version!!
Be sure to open the file up as this is a picture best appreciated in large format imo ^^
I hope you all like her, it was a fun and sometimes daunting challenge :D Each new digital art piece I do I aim to learn something and I certainly have :P

But no rest for the wicked! I have alot more on my to do list to complete now... ;) See you soon!


  1. Can I get a wow? Haha, grabbed your button! You can make your sidebar a little wider in your "Design" tab. It's in the "Template" section under "Adjust Widths". Your button spills off the sidebar, I'm sure you noticed. :)

  2. i DID notice...and i think i mentioned it somewhere to someone O_o but since the code was given to me by a blog designer friend i wasnt sure how to adjust it :O! thank you ill give that a try heheh might make my life alot easier
    hope youre well!!

  3. yeah so i thought, since its a designed code, not a blogger code, i cant adjust widths that way... :(

  4. thanks so much sue!! and thank you so kindly for liking my fb page ^^ do you happen to have one as well?

  5. she is fabulous, but i am very impressed by the background - you really captured the snowy backdrop well