Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bellanoir becomes an OC

She is done! Had alot of fun with this character - I really cant wait to do more pictures of her, full body, chibi, you name it ^^ had a good time experimenting with the marker tool in Sai for things like the ruffles, and used some great textures (for the credits to those check out the deviant post of this: link)
I only have two WIP photos, I changed the line art so much from what it was when I thought it was done :P oh well, so I just have these two to show you:
base colors, with the old nose :P haha
basic shading pre photoshop
There you have it! Bella is complete ^^ For the sketch work and character conception just scroll down to the post from a few days ago :P
Thanks all for viewing and I hope you like her :D


  1. She is amazing! :D I love the face and the hand like that!
    Wow chars should look that good :P

  2. i know right? time to up the graphics blizzard!!

  3. Interesting to see it go from concept to finish!
    Wonderful expression and pose!