Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I hate how all my paintings look cuter in real life than the photos i take of them.
but maybe thats just my perception.
Heidi is complete! Varnished - signed - the works.
I am happy to show you here the initial sketch and the finished picture:

I think the butterfly took me the longest...I remember I was on the phone alot while doing the butterfly and i kept thinking...this looks like some stain glass art deco oddity...how did i manage such a color scheme in a chibi photo?!
no one will ever know...
And lastly - I was requested by a lovely friend of mine to make a tutorial for a chibi and was luckily just starting this project so it worked out well. Its a huge picture - be warned :P
Im in the mood now for something sweet and a long nap ^^ Anyone dare to try and paint a chibi with my tutorial? *giggles*

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