Thursday, August 11, 2011

i shouldnt have to wear winter boots in august

today ive already had to go tromping in the rain into town and back twice and it isnt even 11 am yet.
i am cold, still a bit wet and terribly tired. and whats making me even MORE tired is trying to get my zazzle shop viewer ready.
its not public yet  - and ive hit one big road block. CSS...
Back in 2008 I tried to self teach myself web design, and got a basic book on css, read tutorials on dreamweave for age and hours.
might as well of been sleeping because i dont remember any of it
But one good thing I got done was my banner:
I drew and colored all those chibis seperately and on a rather large scale in case I need them later, but over all I think its really cute and fits well so far.
If anyone reading this HAS  zazzle shop and would be kind enough to give me some tips Id really appreciate it!!

Otherwise my outings in the rain are not over for today.
I am head into Malmö to meet up with Ciwiel whos staying over night here ^^ It should be great fun having her over, despite the weather and the cold. I dont mind bundling up in some coffee shop for a few hours Ill tell you that much.
And just for kicks here are some screenshots, pictures, and more of things that are going on and plans for future projects:
heres a sample product on my wip shop  -aedhen as an iphone4 case
here is the art trade with ciwi im working on, HIS HAND MUST BE REMOVED. otherwise shes looking okay :P
i have another art trade afterwards with a lovely girl in deviantart, who wants me to draw her character lucy in the red sweater
Wish me luck with that CSS and hope everyone here in southern sweden is surviving this never ending rainy summer...


  1. Yeah this weather is really doing us in but hey! I'd pick rain any day than smoke and fire from burning buildings set on fire by Brits...

  2. Ciwi's Male Belf must really love his companion because he looks very content being stabbed in the eye by her pointy Belf ears. ;)

  3. lol yes ofc its better than rioting streets indeed. and yeah he is being stabbed in the eye! well i have never experienced elf ears first hand im not sure how bendy they are... :P