Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Night Scene Continues

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Tonight I did a bit of live streaming for Ciwis Art Trade :) I havent had alot of time for art the last few days as I have been spending most of it with Liam - getting him settled back into Sweden. But tonight I had good fun here blotching in a background, and at the end beginning shading her belf's skin :)
Hopefully if I have enough time I will be done with this picture within the next 1 to 2 days!! I am excited, a more or less proper night picture - Ill be adding a moon, stars, and try playing with light further once the inital shading is done... and also creating my own textures especially for her dress which is taken loosely from a lolita dresss Ciwi really wanted :P:
So well see what can be done about that!
I am thinking pin stripes for his suit.
Boys...not as fun to draw and color as girls. Not at all :P hehe

More on that soon! :D

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