Sunday, August 28, 2011

another life dump, art and all

Hello hello,
its another life dump sortve day, lots of pictures and happenings here in our little corner of Sweden. First off, I am sick so excuse any poor typing or lack of sense :P comes with the territory.
Secondly, some of you may or may not know my birthday is coming up on September 11th (yes i know an awful day to have a birthday no need to remind me :P) and whilst in town we went to SF Bookshop - and found a wonderful early birthday present for me!! :D
oh yes very nice.
Its the Imagine FX's Fantasy Workshop book! Complete with guides to all sorts of fun things like character creation, backgrounds and more
even a whole manga section yay!!

and some great hints to help me with more realistic painting which i need.
My dream is to someday have a bookshelf full of art books - from digital to acrylic, to sketching, and anatomy... Every book I collect is special to me, as is this. Ive already spent alot of time this weekend reading through and then just without looking at it making crazy sketches on my computer
this is what happens when i start with a blob of paint and nothing else O_o

Despite the oncoming of a cold most of the morning, in the afternoon I got out the paints with liam and did a bit of "portrait" painting with him. We've been watching some Sailor Moon episodes together and he absolutely LOVES her, thinks shes so funny :P So he took it upon himself to paint her:
shes the one named sailor moon!
Obviously hes got the artist talent lol! He even remembered her tiara and "when shes fighting" she has red things in her hair ;) And just for kicks I gave him a moon on his forehead:
moon prince ^^
And beyond all of that!! Ive managed to also find time to work on my Aedhen projects:
Aedhen the chibi - lineart

full form Aedhen sketch - for the element Fire
You know Ive previously done Aedhen in a winter theme, this time shell come about in a burning city, covered in flame. Its another huge challenge, like the forest was, so well see how that all goes.

And thats it for me! A weekend photo dump of all the things going on and about. Now hopefully I can get some rest, and feel much healthier tomorrow as I start the process of my eCourse, new paintings, and more.
Hope everyones had a great weekend ^^


  1. Oh, I love that book! I had for Christmas last year! I also collects art books! You portrait looks great you are so talented! Liam is a very talented young man!
    Both of you have a big fan here in Denmark!

    Where are you taking the eCourse?


  2. Ooo glad to get a recommendation on the book - good to hear you really liked it!! I will really have to concentrate on lessons in the book individually for sure. Haha! So happy to hear we have fans across the little sea! :D Liam will be thrilled to know (though hes already developing an ego i swear *giggles*)

    The ecourse is through Traci Bautista, I think you probably saw my post about it earlier! Just finished my first personal journal lesson right now ^^ its a very inspiring ecourse as of yet!

  3. I am glad to hear you enjoy the course! I didn't do all the lessons in the book jet, there are a lot to learn from it.I am not as good as digital painting as you are.