Saturday, August 27, 2011

Food Festival, Chibi RemakesI and More

Its been a great wonderful week this week, winning the Discover Y.O.U ecourse, opening and promoting my Zazzle shop and all sorts of other sites like tumblr, and squidoo to get my art out there
Yesterday was a wonderful icing on the cake as it was sunny and warm for once and we went to the last day of the Malmö Food Festival and met up with Richards friends Thomas and Toby :)
Me and Liam eating Greek Food
Liam and I ate some Greek food from one of the stands, and Richard and the rest of the boys had a Boar wrap of some kind :P hehe very manly.
Richard, Thomas and Toby
Afterwards we had Churros (omg, so good) and watched the weirdest band...or sound check...on stage while having a drink overlooking the stage
the band left to go shopping about half an hour in
Another great thing about going into Malmö is the American shop they have there which I always love to go into and grab some of my favorite junk food from my homeland: The States :D
reeses pieces, blue skittles, kraft mac n  cheese and Captain Crunch!!! OMG!
There was also a watermelon airhead but that didnt survive the journey home :P
Today is supposed to be really warm and sunny again so Ill try to make the most of it ^^
In terms of my little art world I have around me - I have completed my art trade with Reem-Alfalfa of her character Lucy :) Which ill show you now:
my version of Lucy
the original Lucy on the left by Reem
And if you can handle anymore Ive been working on some Chibis for my Zazzle Shop!
My Bella Noir Chibi! Now available on Stationary, Stickers, and Buttons!

rough sketch of Aedhen, who will be on the same sortve products ^^
Well thanks for sticking aruond for this GIANT post! Hehe, hope everyones having a great weekend so far :)


  1. I haven't been to Malmö for many years, I used to go there with my grandmother. She lived in Copenhagen. I can imagine how you must miss some of the food from back home. Do you like the Scandinavian food?

    Your Zazzle shop looks great! I joined your fanclub!


  2. Well, I really love copenhagen as well, its such a pretty city (when i was there a year ago in march!) Malmö is very nice too, active and busy and friendly! When was the last time you were over here?

    I do miss all my american junk food. Scandinavian food favorites hmm.. thats hard to say honestly :P I eat alot of swedish meatballs with pasta if that counts lol!

    And thanks for your comments on my shop ^^ I joined your fan club too! hehe its a scary thing opening up a shop imo...but all i can do is stay positive and hopeful over the whole endeavor! would love to hear the story behind yours someday! :D