Monday, August 29, 2011

Aedhen on Zazzle!

Chibi Aedhen is finally done! Today I was able to complete painting her, and putting her on a few fun items from Zazzle ^^ Please check them out :D

Here is the Chibi Aedhen stationary, everything has been designed, drawn and put together by me :) Featuring a rising sun motif at the top, cherry blossoms along the sides, and chop sticks + chibi skulls in the center!

Also on a sticker! Get a better view of Aedhen with her hakama, katana, and green skull shine yes with a rising sun pattern in the background!

This picture is also on a button hehe for more lasting chibi cuteness :P

Thank you for all your support! :D! I hope you all like the new Chibi character and enjoy the new items ^^

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