Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Post Vacation Mind Fuzz

i have been slow to start since vacation has ended :P my brains gone all fuzzy and ive been attempting to get all sorts of projects started or completed.
i am working on a few logos for my dear friend in NYC Orly - who owns a fantastic company selling Hamarakis. The Orr Collection has really taken off as people find the use benefit and comfort of hamarakis, be sure to check her out!
Ive also done a paper sketch for Trinitys OC contest on deviantart (i know im like a fiend!)
and since i dont own a scanner AND i have a hard time sketching small, i took a photo of my awesome 2 A4 sketch to make line art out of this evening :P
this character needed a theme of nighttime, to be added later :P
well see how that goes, its the same wonky method i used for the kanako drawing, so well see! it helped me alot last time sketching on paper, i get a feel for things alot better.
now ironically, for a canvas i could be doing - i sketched that on the computer :P so i could trace it to the exact size required later lol.
the painting will be for my lovely friend Susie who wanted a pink girly sailor girl chibi incorporating cherry blossoms...
theyre eyes are always so scary when i do concept sketches
since its for a canvas its really base. but it gives me a general concept of where the paint should be going :P i am really looking forward to going back to acrylic again soon so lets see if the sketch gets the approval and the all clear in the near future!

there are so many styles id like to be trying, and so many ways id like to be drawing i just cant settle! i shouldnt be too hard on myself though -i only started drawing my own things again around May 2011...i just expect alot really quickly i suppose. patience is a virtue! my own true style will come to me eventually.
Well enough concept sketches out of me! See you all once I am undergoing these bits and bobs :P
Dont forget to keep submitting your Color Fest entries! Still eager to see peoples beautiful paintings ^^


  1. Two great sketches! Keep up the great work!

  2. thanks marianne ^^ ill do my best!

  3. Very sweet ... love the second one!

  4. thanks cat! lets hope the lady who wanted the painting approves of it too :D