Monday, July 11, 2011

My Own Colors: Kanako Complete

well if you recall, the lineart I made was for a contest I was entering on deviantart. The characters name is Kanako, one of the Old Maids from Touhou - the challenge was to dress them in lolita clothing.
Now, I had to up the challenge for myself because they only accept full body pictures... which my original lineart was not. So, I had to extend the line art and try all sorts of new, scary, annoying things to make the picture look some what what it looked like in my head...

there she is! finally complete...
Now for some WIP photos because... I just have to show them, always :P
here we are at the beginning, looks a bit familiar to some!

i think the basic coloring phase took me a few hours on its own -_-
basic shading complete in Sai - then the problem solving would begin
i then proceeded to go crazy on textures...a new thing for me
and were back to the finished product!
Now theres alot of things Im not completely happy the extension part of linework - what is it with me and failing at feet?! anyway doesnt matter - I learned alot of valuable lessons doing this picture - and here are some folks Id like to thank -
Arkaya - for the great lace tutorial and sample image
Pabloalvin - for this wood texture I used on the umbrella
and Enchantedgal-Stock for this velvet texture I used on the stockings.

That about sums me up for now! Hope you all enjoy my colored version, and cant wait to see more entries to the color fest  ^^


  1. Baby, jump AAAALLLL the way back to your first blog post about digital art with your Wacom board. Open up the picture alongside your latest creation and stand straight and proud over the tremendous progress and learning you've achieved over just a few monthes. From being a digital media illiterate, you've definatly come a long way. keepp up the good work sweetheart! xx :)

  2. sweetie! i know right? it is pretty hilarious comparing one to another. someday when i wont automatically hang my head in shame ill compare the two...maybe one year on or something hehe :P
    and yes ive come a long way, and i have a long way to go yet. and i am sure well have plenty of bickerings over whether or not the umbrella handle is colored correctly again and again until then :D

    love you! <3

  3. Really impressive, girl!
    I love the coloring of this outfit... it's perfect for lolita style!

  4. thanks orly ^^ collecting reference material for your logos now, hope to be able to show you some things soon!

  5. thank you! i hate the way i shaded her hair, but oh well :P it was a fun experience, and the contest is up in just a few days so lets see how i did hehe ^^
    hope youre well