Friday, July 8, 2011

Free Line Art! Lets see your colors!!

I am offering some line art Ive recently done for a competition on deviantart as a bit of a free coloring spree here on my blog ^^
You can save my lineart unwatermarked here - and color it in any way you like! Traditionally, digitally, outside the lines, inside the lines :P However you like!
Once youre done you can then send it to me and Ill proudly display it, with your name and website if you desire, for all to see!
kanako from touhou in lolita clothing ^^
now i didnt put all i wanted to add into this picture into the lineart, so places like the hem of the skirt and the umbrella youll have to be creative!
You can send your finished picture to me at and Ill happily display it here!! :D You can ofc upload your finished work onto your own accounts/site, just please refer back to me as the designer of the lineart ^^
I really look forward to seeing what people come up with!!  
I cant wait to see the creations!

- Plantie


  1. My version of her is very.. funky! and basic basic :P I coloured it all in paint.. which doesnt do her justice at all!

    Will send it over though, so you can enjoy the colours.. ish! :P

  2. thanks so much sandra it looks great :D!! love the colors you chose for the dress - ill be uploading it soon!!!

  3. I posted a colored version for you at

  4. Do you have a deadline for this?

  5. nope - its just a do as you please - but it would be nice to end it by the end of july ^^