Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trinity-In-Rainbows OC Contest!

Its done! My contest entry for Trinity-In-Rainbows is complete. This is her original character Pichi, and theme you needed to use was night time...
Now I am too tired to write much but :P heres the WIP photos
line art made from the sketch in the previous post
basic colors and background

working on the shading and background
and the completion!
Hope you all like it *phew* It was alot of fun and alot of work :P Wish me luck!


  1. She's amaazing! Been staring at her for like 5 minutes :) And the moon and sky is also amazing!

    Good luck! :D

  2. thanks so much sandra! ^^ it was fun making a background :P hope youre doing well!! xx

  3. Really awesome work, those eyes are amazing!

  4. thanks t.w. ^^ hey with you being an awesome artist and all , i was wondering if you could solve a problem for me... you see how on the final picture there are white pixels all along the lineart, especially on the jacket...but in all the WIP photos those white pixels arent there.
    i tried coloring over them on every layer of the dress and they dont disappear. is it because i made the line art in paint tool sai then saved it in photoshop? its never been a problem previously but i thought maybe youd have some insight into it :P