Sunday, October 14, 2012

Painting of a Collab - Part 1!

work in progress of my oil and acrylic collab painting
Ah busy days and times. I found out about 2 weeks ago that Amy Minchew and I were chosen to be a part of the fabulous Modern Eden Gallery's collaboration show called "Allied Forces" - in which 2 artists needed to make a piece together.
The scary part has been that the painting needs to be there in San Fran by November 11th - and I needed to paint this and ship to Amy in Georgia in time for her to paint and ship it! Leaving very little room for error :P

progress shot from instagram while I painted the hair upside down :P
 I decided I would do a background of trees and a gradient as fast as I possible could in acrylics, and move onto oils later with massive amounts of Liquin to make sure it was dry and ready to ship in time!!

the final part of my half of the collab - with the certificate of authenticity!
Richard built the box frame for me, and I set out to work, even fighting through a virus to get this done :P The title is "Equinox" and was inspired by a friend of mine who once had a dream 10 years ago that I had a blossoming nipple and has never let me forget it hehehe.

Now shes off to Amy with lots of speed and no damage! We've got our fingers crossed!
Next up....Grimms Fairy Tale show in Las Vegas. And therell be some dark birds involved... ;)
Wish me luck!


  1. i love that you put this dream to art, it is wonderfully unique and a beauty to see. i hope you share the finished piece with us. it will be interesting to see teamwork in a painting. Lovely sunday to you!

    1. i most definitely will! its so nervewracking waiting for the painting to arrive to her let me tell you, once shes done and complete with it - therell be major celebrations!! A very lovely sunday to you too my dear <3