Monday, October 29, 2012

"Brave" Painting Complete and On It's Way!

"Brave" oil on masonite 20 x 30 cm by Christina Lank

 I am so late again! Here is my completed portrait of Amy Lou entitled "Brave" - made with oils on a small piece of masonite. It is one of my first ever complete oil paintings - which has been exciting for me ^^
It feels like lately like finishing things keeps on being interrupted or delayed! I sent off that half complete collab this month, and I have a 60% complete Grimm painting and 3 small oil paintings just sitting around looking happy on my shelf asking me to finish them :P Blah!

But the experience of painting with oils has been a trying but exciting one ^^ I have gotten alot of great help from artists in my collective - the Red Sirens who have told me a thousand and half good tips coming to one conclusion: experimentation!

certificate of authenticity for "Brave"
But there's good news amidst my inability to sign and complete paintings! Brave has been sold to my beautiful model! Who has waited so patiently for the blacks to dry, for the varnish to go on, and for the bubble wrap to go in place!

the pretty part of the packaging!
I got to try out my gold wax seal today woot! It got sent off tonight in the middle of a artic feeling rain storm in Sweden while I wondered how all my friends and family in Maryland will be fairing with the Frankenstorm on it's way :P

So to all of you on the East Coast - keep safe and dry and batten down those hatches!! And thanks again Amy!


  1. congratulations for your experience and completion with oil paints! This is a gorgeous piece, so wonderful that the model bought it. Sounds like you enjoy completing pieces, me too!

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