Saturday, September 29, 2012

Paintings come home and oils take over

my studio upstairs, littered with my oil painting adventures
Hello everyone! It is a rainy Saturday today, and September is coming to a rather quick close. But as it were my oil paintings continue on as I am determined to get these done SOON, at least most of them :P Before I run out of time!

I had many issues with her face, like her eyes, nose and mouth

but I have worked hard to make her look as true to life as possible
I have really enjoyed working on my portrait of Ulrika this week! She, herself, came over last weekend for a bit of a make over and photo shoot for many projects which I hope to work on ^^ I actually met her at the train station in the morning a few weeks back! She's going to art school herself and I was just struck by her beautiful features I had to ask her to let me use her for my paintings ^^
Me sounding ultra creepy aside - I am very happy she did as to me she has a very inspiring face.

As my instagram followers say: The Asian Pocahontas!
I am still working very slowly on Amy's portrait as well. I have actually changed it since I took this photo - more black hair, wider mouth, and fixed that wonky looking eye (I accidently painted over the glare giving her a cross eyed look -_- oops). But that peony has been consuming my time and my patience tbh. Only ever decide to paint a peony if you have vast amounts of energy and the ability to compartmentalize and memorize tiny nonsensical details. *Nods head*.

All my paintings up there, well some of them for a short amount of time
I got my paintings back from Malmö today! Though 4 of them have new owners, I hung up all the ones which either dont, or will be leaving within the next month up to make my walls feel very homey. I have never been able to hang any of these paintings in my house before so its nice to have them up here ^^ If you're interested in purchasing any of the paintings - nows a good time to jump on it! Just email me for details!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend ^^


  1. oh these two are gorgeous, such lovely ladies, such wonderful details.
    congrats on selling your art, i am sure they will add to their new homes tremendously!

    1. I am sure the ones that have sold so far will be going to great homes ^^ All of them are to real art lovers so I couldnt be happier! I am also happy to walk past the others in my stairway - it does bring alot of life to a house having art on the wall as I am sure you know!!
      Thank you for the comments on my little oil paintings. It is a bit scary starting with a new medium huh. All those little steps and stages you make with your normal medium get tossed out the window :P I hope autumn has been a time of fun and experience with your art as well Tammie!! :D