Saturday, September 15, 2012

Painting with Oils and Concepting Concepts

Oh how time flies, and I continue to neglect my blog. Well, I can tell you all the going ons right about now. My solo show opened beginning of this month - which was alot of fun and a wonderful experience!

me at the gallery, with Torn in the background!
Shortly after my mom flew over to Sweden to visit me and I celebrated my 25th birthday!! For a wonderful birthday present, my baby bought me a huge set of Schminke oils to try, as a transition away from acrylics ever so slowly...

lots of beautiful oil colors and new brushes to boot!
So, during this brief moment of rest I have been doing smaller pieces to see how they work and compare to my beloved Golden Open colors - which I have been a huge fanboy of ever since I started painting with them....

Painting my dear friend Amy Lou

My new amazing easel, with Amy's wolf companion painting on it!

My first ever oil painting around the half way mark, made from a sketch
I wish I could show you a few newer pictures of the paintings but my phone is misbehaving :P Heres what I think between the two: Golden Open Acrylics vs. Schminke Oils

  • Covering Power: The very first noted difference I made was the smooth covering power of the oil paints. I usually have to paint several layers of an acrylic base to make it look that smooth - so it was a happy relief
  • Drying Times: You need to be very careful with how much oil additive you use in oils :P I use safflower oil to lessen the yellowing effect on my light tones, and this takes twice as long to dry. It can be very handy to use ofc, using Liquin to speed up the drying can ALSO be very handy but its just about the situation. When using the safflower oil it can take nearly 2 days or more to dry. So have multiple projects ^^
  • Ease of blending: I work very hard to blend acrylics to the best of my abilitiy, but it can never be completely stand still perfect. You can blend alot easier after fewer layers with oils - but I would say it is much more brush dependent!! You need just the right size of a very soft brush to make nice blending. I have also found it more difficult to add in the darker tones to skin and such. 
  • Color tones: There is a marked difference between the tones of oils and the tones of acrylics. I love earthy tones myself, which in acrylics can be slightly harder to achieve as they are a very vibrant paint on their own. Oils are much more muted, at least from my experience so far (I have 16 colors of oils at the moment). Though I do miss alot of my cool Golden Open colors like Iridescent Pearl or other fun different tonal ranges which add umphf.
art trade envelopes are something I'd like to do more of in the future!
 Alot is coming up though and I have much to prepare for.
I will be in the Red Siren Art Collective's show EleMental at the 423West Gallery in Los Angeles on April 13th 2013! I have my concepts all in the works and models on their tasks - but its all very hush hush I am afraid so little photos...

I just got work I have been accepted to take part in a group show at the Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne, Australia!! More details on that soon I hope!

And I am also going to be in the October issue of Catapult Magazine! So keep your eyes peeled for that!! I am super excited!! :D

All in all, I am going to be very busy. So my play time with oils will be coming to an abrupt end very soon, replaced by real work. Tick tock ;)
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! :D


  1. Love the new easel!! And wow, LA, Australia... Very exciting =)

    1. thanks ally! i know the easel is amazing, i am loving it, super handy with all the compartments! Haha yes LA and Australia, and around the world we go :P <3

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