Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Day in the Life...

Ah, times are busy. Though the stress of painting is gone, and to be honest I think I am going through withdrawal symptoms even though I am very glad to not feel forced to get everything the more practical sides of having a solo show begins.

At the gallery with all of the originals...planning planning
I'd like to continue to make these paintings personal to their prospective owners, so I am making work in progress booklets for each of them. As well as certificates in advance - which I got some new lovely paper for from England!

the certificate for Nectar all ready to go!
To make matters a little more stressful, my archival printer ran out of 5 colors of ink...and replacing each one of them costs an equivalent of $ you can imagine with that on top of framing and professional photography I am feeling swamped!!

the crazy mess of changing inks on my epson r3000
But besides the time consuming paperwork we have also been having a bit of fun with packaging and new projects! I have a few things lined up to do, mainly a collaboration with the awesome Laurie McClave who is also a member in our art collective Red Sirens!
I wanted to do the painting a bit differently this time, since I usually paint from realistic models and she does not - I decided to paint from a sketch. And I have been sketching alot in the evenings!

scanned in sketch for Laurie McClave collab!
I went for a few of our favorite things: birds, antlers, and ofc a beautiful lady ^^ I scanned it in and placed it on a canvas the same size as the masonite in real life to help me figure out how big it needed to be in the end. I have begun slow work on the background...but it is really slow :P Taking it easy with painting is the name of the game right now - but sure to change soon.

new packaging for orders off of my shop! :D
Another one of my goals for post-painting time was new packaging for orders off of my Etsy Shop! Which by the way is now having a celebratory 20% off sale (coupon code: CELEBRATION8711), since I am completely done with the collection and have all new prints up on there! Its really nice packing these prints, with the new wax seal on them :D Some good old fashioned-ness right there for you! Who doesnt like receiving a pretty package in the mail after all ^^

my wall of art!
And now with my wall of art complete over top of my studio space I am just about ready to carry on with the show and begin a new chapter of my life! Its been 6 long months of work - but I think alot of fun is on its way too ^^ We will see wont we!
I have alot of new concepts for paintings, and even a few new paints to help me along the way :D So lets see! New season on its way, new paintings, new times.
Wish me luck until then!!


  1. oh! you have been working hard and lots of details to figure out. I wish you endless success. Everything looks wonderful.

    1. Thank you dear Tammie! :D
      Fingers crossed right ^^ Hope youre having a wonderful weekend!! xx