Friday, May 18, 2012

PlantieBee's Free Giveaway!!

The picture and title say it all :D I have reached 200 likes on my Facebook Fanpage and as promised I am holding an even bigger and better Giveaway!!

Entering is simple -
1) Like Plantiebees Fanpage! (link is above!)
2) Go to the Giveaway post on my timeline (which you can find right here: PlantieBees Giveaway), Like/Comment on the post, even if its just a little smiley :)
3) SHARE the post on your own timeline to spread the word!!

Prizes this time around are! -
First Place Grand Prize Winner: 2 archival prints + 2 large greeting cards
Second and Third Place Winners: 1 archival print + 1 large greeting card each

All of them made with the painting of your choice!

The winners will be drawn a week from today on May 25th 2012 :D!

Thanks so much to everyone who has stuck with me, supported me, and have been so wonderfully kind - I truly couldnt do it without you ^^ You are the best!!! <3

~ Plantie ~


  1. so nice to find you on FB and share you and your giveaway with my peoples!

    1. wow thank you so much tammie!! i woke up to this this morning and then saw i had 7 new likes on facebook :P well done to you and your awesome pull power lol!! <3