Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Painting with Planties Tuesdays! #9: Ophelia

Hello hello everyone! Long time no see I know :P
I have been a naughty girl - its been a bit crazy all over the place here - but we are through the thick of it and I am happy to say I am back on schedule and back to the art table.

I started painting my Ophelia rendition a few weeks back, and now I shall update you all with a little step by step through what I have done recently ^^

to begin with! i turned it upside to work on her backside :P
You all caught me during my ... work out around phase...
This means I have done at least 3-5 layers of skin color and I have to keep working it over and over to make it smooth. Which may seem a bit daunting and tedious!

here is the color palette i used! same usual colors, all just mixed up to varying degrees.
here I was starting to add darker lines along her backside, as it was looking pale against the background, unfinished
even though it may look really dark, like along her arm, itll be blended out later. so long as the definition is there to begin with
yes. yes i do have a close up of her chest :P
Besides definitive lines, I am also reworking shade values. I mustve painted her chest area 10 times until I got to this stage. Always trying to make things as smooth as possible. You can see here, I added alot more lights, as it was much darker before.

and then adding lights to the top of her hand, through down to her wrist bone. something i hadnt spotted earlier.
Review, inspect, and review again!

close up of her face in its semi blank state
I then moved onto her face while areas of her body were drying. I wanted to create a very peachy eyeshadow, and pale lips.
first...add on the base skin tone onto her lips to make them extra pale
then the whole pale thing disappeared with a nice pink color, the pink coming from alot of browns and yellows as well
adding a goldish pink color to her eyelids...
 I found painting eyeshadow was quite like applying it :P So for all you ladies who use triple shade eyeshadow shades, the same apply here. Light in the middle, medium on the sides, dark on the crease, with a gradient up the eyelid!

my lovely ophelia as she stands now

I then added some extra long black eyelashes and felt pretty pleased! I often dont paint extra make up - so it was fun giving this that detail.

Now, another 10 layers of skin haha, fix her hair (which will be wet - new challenge!) and then....covering 80% of it up with water :P

Wish me luck!
Hope youre all having a great week so far!


  1. so wonderful, as always to see the steps and stages you take. She is unfolding or coming to life beautifully. I look forward to the next bit.

    1. thanks so much tammie :D cant wait to share it with you!

  2. She's looking absolutely amazing so far Christina! You have such a talent with skin tones and shading skin. She will make a lovely edition to my calendar. hehe ;P

    1. thanks so much sasha! lol ah yes the infamous calendar....
      2013 here we come :P

  3. Lovely, thanks for the step by step and explainations!

    1. Thanks so much Ankolie! I am so happy to see you on here :D I am glad you enjoyed my painting session! hehe Hope you are well :)