Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Painting with Plantie's Tuesday #10: When Things Go Wrong

I am no perfect artist. I have much to learn, and when learning is needed to be done - failing is right along side. I experienced a major fail with this painting - which you will sadly have to witness right here :P
In my head, the logical way of going about the water she was to be submerged in, was to paint her perfectly, then glaze on top to add gradual layers of deepness.
As you can see above, after one later of glaze, it ruined alot. It was streaky, full of dust, and completely unpleasant...

oh when i get angry...
Then I made it even worse with a second layer of glaze, completely stripping all the work I had done on the shading, and adding even worse streak marks. I got angry. I started repainting her skin in a frantic sadness....

I am already really behind schedule now - and the sudden shock of 20 hours of work gone in one night was scary!!!

But - sitting and crying over spilled milk wont help. Like I knew, I dont know everything. But what I can do is try to fix it. And by fixing it - that means starting over and rethinking strategy.
Painting can be like a creative persons mathematics. Its problem-solving through the issues of light dark, mishap and technique.

So I buckled down. And I figured if I couldnt paint the dark over at once, I could at least paint her skin a darker bluer shade....also giving the effect that she is under water. It means another 20 hours of work, and a whole lot of stress and consistency. But itll be well worth it in the end :P

Here you can see I am repainting her hands, but, it wasnt good enough at just that. I wanted more depth. I had already dug myself into a deep hole of "oh crap", might as well test myself even more...

So, I began adding even darker shades to the tips of her body. This way she would look even more submerged.

This is how she looks on my art table right now. It is not perfect, but it is a whole lot better than she was just a day before. Just imagine how shell be after tomorrow right ;)

Lesson: Crap happens. Point is you experiment and test your limits. When shit hits the fan, dont throw out the baby with the bath water! Rethink, reevaluate, and redo.
This painting is important to me, and like with all my paintings...I love her like a little child of mine :P Hopefully by next week! I can show you her done :D

Heres to hoping!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. i am so glad that you still love her!
    that sounds like a lot of work and trouble shooting. so wonderful to see and read the steps you take. it is looking wonderful due to your loving manner with your child.

    1. aww thanks tammie, shes gotta make mama proud right? ;) hehe

  2. awwww a big hug to you, you are so brave ^__^
    it happens to me too sometimes, it can be really frustrating, then i just stop painting :/

  3. Ohh man! I've been there! Acrylics and Oils are really tough... I tend to go for a more spontaneous touch with them, because anything else turns out pretty bad for me. I really admire your abilities! :) Keep at it, she'll be gorgeous!