Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Error! Plantie's Is Shut Down!

I am sorry to say Painting with Planties has to be cancelled this week!

My computer was loveling taken apart by Richard today, and got a bunch of new parts...so now of course the monitor doesnt work. And still doesnt I am afraid!
I am on my work laptop reporting to you my delay in friendly service :P

I can show you my recent sketch however in the meantime.

Ophelia Sketch - Yes I own this image. 
This is my new painting, a tribute to Ophelia. For those who follow me on Facebook, I posted this a few days ago over the weekend. I wanted to show you the startings of this on masonite board - but perhaps sometime later I will go over what I have done!

I also have photos from my Easter artshow which I will be posting on Facebook once I get my computer back :P

Hope youre all having a delightful week and fingers crossed to see you soon! :D


  1. such a lovely sketch
    takes me there, to the earth on a gently warm day

    wishing you the best with your laptop!

  2. my PC is broken, and i am using notebook, the screen is really really small i dont really like it :(

    beautiful sketch btw <3

    1. i feel your pain. fingers crossed for you that you can get your computer back up and running soon! i know how it feels like a life line is cut off lol

      *computer nerd*

      hope youre well darling, and thank you <3 xoxo

  3. Nuuuu, I guess it goes like that sometimes, hopefully mine will hold out a bit longer too =)

    Thank you for the detailed writings on the Huldra, I haven't seen them before, it's kinda scary that their backs are hollow :O Kinda creeps me out, your painting captured that aspect really well imho, despite it being a bit.. weird, lol =)

    *Hug* =)

    1. Lol, well I guess I got so engrossed in the project I forgot how creepy the hole in her back might be :P
      Sometimes I think it's nice venturing out into new creatures which may not always be seen in fantasy like fairies (which i still am allergic to painting atm), and dragons... huldra are a bit more on the out-there dark side.
      Okay, so they have a cows tail...and a hollow back.
      maybe not the most in your face attractive qualities...but they are unique. and i think beautiful for it ^^

      I am glad you think I captured the oddities of them well lol
      Thank you kindly ^^

  4. This is a great sketch! I hope the parts for your computer will make it spin as a new machine!