Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Within" - New painting complete!!

Hey everyone :) - I am very happy to announce my newest painting is complete!

"Within" acrylic on masonite board 40 x 60 cm by Christina Lank

The painting is called "Within" - painted with a mix of standard Galeria acrylics, and Golden Open acrylics. Its painted on a gessoed masonite board measuring 40 x 60 cm (15.7 x 23.6 inches approx.)

I have kept the main character in this painting a bit of a mystery this time around. The reason being I think shes quite unique, and not always portrayed in fantasy paintings - even though she is a creature from well documented folklore.

Please welcome my Huldra!

Huldra painted with acrylics with her little owl friends ^^

A Huldra - Plantie's little lesson:

I was first introduced to the Huldra from Neil Gaiman's book "Fragile Things" - which is the name sake of my new collection. The book is actually a series of short stories - one being a sortve epilogue to one of my favorite all time books "American Gods". In the story you follow the character Shadow, whom meets a Huldra in England...far away from her home in Norway....

A Huldra is a mythical creature originating from Norway and Sweden. In Norway she is depicted as an unusually beautiful woman with a cows tail. In Sweden - the cows tail may also be a fox's.
The name Huldra is a derivative of the word "covered" or "secret" and she is known as "skogsfru" meaning The Lady of the Forest.

The back of a huldra is hollow, like a tree trunk. Of which for this painting I placed little baby owls ^^ Because well, I just didnt think it should be empty!

Baby owls sitting in the Huldra's hollowed out back

There are alot of stories about what Huldra's did with humans. Some men say that Huldra seduced them and left them their ugly little babies on their doorsteps. Or that they drained all their energy away.
In "Fragile Things" it describes part of the legend of how Huldras would fall in love with farmers, and that their tails would fall off the more time she spent as a wife - but she always retained her supernatural strength and would demostrate it to a disobedient or abusive husband.

oops, one fell out!

Interestingly, they claim that Huldras originate from a biblical setting - being the children Eve didnt have time to wash before God came to visit their home - God then decreed the dirty ones she hid from him would be unseen by mankind and became the huldrer. 
Fits into the quote from the book of which I base my collection from -
"These people ought to know who we are and tell that we are here"

Overall Huldra's are ones who require respect. If you respect them, are polite, and never mention their tail, The Lady of the Forest will reward you in turn!

I had a great time learning about Huldras, and painting my own depiction of one :D
I hope you enjoy her too, and her magical wood setting.
Remember dont mention her tail and have a great weekend!


  1. oh my! what fine legs she has
    and home to owls.... well all of her is mighty fine
    and powerful and feminine. Such a gorgeous piece Ms. Bee!

    1. Thanks Tammie ^^ I am glad you like my interpretation of her :D

  2. She's gorgeous! I love how you kept her a surprise until the end. Thanks for sharing the story too! I've never heard of a Huldra before. ^_^ I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next painting in this series!

    1. Huldras are not so often spoken of huh? Well, still a wonderful interesting creature in my book ^^
      I will be posting concept sketches soon I hope for the 3rd painting in line soon! :D Hope youre having a great weekend!!

  3. i have never heard of Hudra either but my goodness this is really fantastic <3
    so great and very special in all its details, its composition, its colors, and not to mention its fantasy of course!

    1. aww thank you darling!!
      i am surprised by how weirded out people are by her haha
      i am so happy you appreciate her, and her foresty surroundings :D she is a very old creature of which i didnt make up, but she is very new to the fantasy art world i think. very uncommon, a bit darker, and odder, but i love her myself all the more for it :P
      but thank you so much again, coming from a talented lady like you, it is very much appreciated *hugs hugs* <3

  4. This is a wonderful painting, I love the Hudra women. I guess the Hudra women are some of the less known Scandinavian characters.