Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Inspiration Wednesdays : Sarah Joncas!

"Crow Charmer" by Sarah Joncas
Hey everybody! Today I'd like to share with you an artist Richard found online a few weeks ago which I think is very inspiring!
Her name is Sarah Joncas :) She is an traditional oil painter who is located in Toronto, Canada!

"Little China Girl" by Sarah Joncas
What draws me to her paintings is her beautiful, creepy, and sometimes even morbid of women in a surreal setting. I love the soft look of her oils, and the thought provoking faces and settings she creates.
"La Llorona" by Sarah Joncas
She works well with creating light and dark settings, I really love her use of color, and the long beautiful hair she paints too! One thing I always love myself ^^
"Angel" by Sarah Joncas
You can see here what I mean very well about the use of color, the wonderful placement of cool blues on one cheek, the small freckles, and the illuminated hair floating ... its all superb!

"Rapunzel's Tower" by Sarah Joncas
"Into Her Blues" by Sarah Joncas
You can see more of her extensive collection of art on her website here!: Sarah Joncas Art
If you know anymore about this artist, feel free to add comments below! :D



  1. ooh ahh
    i had never seen Sarah's art before. it is wonderful and makes me want to look and look!

    1. I agree! She has some great paintings, of which I didnt get to include here - I think her blog which you can find through her website is pretty awesome!
      Glad you like her stuff ^^ Happy to be sharing!