Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Waiting to Fly" - New Bird Girl is now all done!

"Waiting to Fly" acrylic on masonite board 42 x 60.5 cm by Christina Lank
So! After my late night post yesterday detailing the crazy journey of this young lady's face hehe, you can finally see the end result ^^
Not only am I happy I finally managed to take a good picture of one of my paintings - I am also pretty happy with how my first painting completely done in Golden Open colors turned out. They are definitely a much different way of painting with acrylics, for better and sometimes also causing mild frustration ;)

Close up of Eagle girls face, feathers in her hair and all
My dear model, Michelle, really captured the look of boredom, waiting till her wings could sprout and she could leave the nest, in her reference picture. I tried my best to relive that in paint the best I could.

The whole concept really came from her!
Before she modelled for Rebirth, she modelled for this painting, volunteering to be a Bird Girl.
Like all my bird girls, I see their face and I think of a bird spirit for them.
When I saw her I thought of this dry forest, a large bird of prey...but there was something more.
I felt anticipation. I got inspired by documentaries I saw on Nordic wildlife, and the giant nests eagles make in trees and thought it would be perfect having her sit up in one, with an eagle protector, just waiting for her chance to fly off into the horizon...

close up of the golden eagle
I really wanted to finish this painting to send to The Forgotten Goddess show in Hollywood because the theme is "Inner Self Portrait" me this is very symbolic of all the dreams I have had and collected, and the feeling of anticipation, longing just waiting for things to take off.
I think alot of women can feel this way, so I really wanted it to be complete for the show.

Today, I hopefully will be leaving it at Martin's to get framed in the same beautiful wooden frame as Rebirth, and then packaging up and sending both of them on their way, fingers crossed to a grand new home in the land of the stars ;)

I hope you all like the final result of this painting!
I have about 2 or 3 small paintings to do before my local art show here in Skurup - but more grand things to come I can assure you :D


  1. Everytime I look at this I am amazed. So beautiful. <3

    1. Thank you my dear!! :D I am so happy you like it ^^ I do miss her alot hanging about my room :P

  2. Hi there,
    I was just searching around the internet looking for an image of a young woman with an eagle to go with a quote from my upcoming book, when I came upon your painting. I really like it and was wondering if I can share it with my readers- I would obviously give a link to you site. What I find even more interesting is that the model's name is Michelle? That is my main character's name also-in The Pulse Myths Series.She is the one that eventually befriends an eagle. Do let me know and love your other work
    A. Jacob Sweeny