Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Painting with Plantie Tuesday! #7 - Burden of a Face

Ahh, I am back, quite late! But I am back, with Painting with Planties.
Today I will be showing you a rather mental example of what happens when I get frustrated with a painting. I will show you all the stages my recent Bird Girl has gone through the last few days or so of painting her. Its been pretty all over the place :P


"simple days..."
This is where the painting was the last time I displayed it here on my blog. So simple, with such hope!!

hmmm getting pale
Then, I started painting her arms and her hands and I thought that her face looked too pale and flat.
This is when...the rumbling craziness proceeded...

yes, i know. its different.
So the logical thing to do in my mind was to shade it more appropriately with the same sortve colors!
Right? Well the eyebrows and lashes disappeared and she started looking just really dark and fake tanned.

more and more creepy
So, I logically tried adding some lights, and I wound up making her look very old and getting paint all over her hand and the rage began.

looking up!
So I added in some eyebrows and lashes for better perspective! It seemed to be going in the right direction...

rage continues
But I started having alot of trouble with her forehead, as the paint kept peeling away so I said SCREW IT! Shes getting bangs!!

oh and i added the feathers too ^^
I did some simple highlighting and shading here thinking...itll be okay...itll be over soon :P

But alas! Then I thought her hair was too poofy on top, and decided to erase some...

And then I erased her lips and half the bangs....

Then I erased her eyebrows....

it looks different...but why..
I think here I started painting her hair, and put back in some eyebrows. I got complaints that all my paintings end up looking like me, especially the eyebrows so in my attempts to make it not look like me, I made it look...special.

thats....very different
Then something whacko happened with one of her eyes, her lips became red without my knowledge and I decided that this painting would officially kill me.

Thats all I can show for now :P I think. I THINK. I fixed everything. Its potentially possible.
But from beginning to end thats one manic journey.
Its sitting downstairs, with varnish drying on top of it, so however I left it (I cant remember after seeing all those pictures lol!) thats how itll remain.

So! Even if this isnt much of a lesson of how to do things, maybe its a lesson of caution of how making one change can turn into a snowball of crazy obsessive changes :P

Ill be posting the painting tomorrow stay tuned :D!


  1. oooohhhh i love love love this post!
    i always enjoy watching work in progress, this painting is so beautiful ♥


    ps: congrats on your >100 followers on FB, too bad i am not on FB :((

    1. Haha, well it didnt look beautiful very often, but I am glad you enjoyed the journey, I just posted the final version so I hope you like that one too hehe :D <3

      Aww and thanks for the congrats, the giveaway on facebook went really well ^^ Boo! Not on facebook! Id of added you as a friend in an instant ^^
      I really look forward to your portrait - I unfortauntly do have a few loose end paintings to finish up before, but keep your eyes open! Itll come at you before you know it!

      Hope youre well :D xxxx