Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yard Sale!! All Anime Paintings Super Low Selling Price!

All 3 anime paintings are for sale now! $75 (500 kr)

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first public sale of these paintings. They are my acrylic anime paintings which I had made for our home and now must find a new one as I need lots of space for my new collection!

As a result, I am selling them off super cheap! Each painting is only $75 each. They all measure 46 x 38 cm - and are acrylic on canvas.

Silhouette" 46x38 cm acrylic on canvas, $75

close up shot of her face

"Blueberry Tree" 46 x 38 cm acrylic on canvas, $75

"Atari Girl" 46 x 38 cm acrylic on canvas, $75
All you need to do is message me at cm.lank87(a) with which painting youd like and we can go from there!
Please no time wasters, I just want to find these lovely ladies good homes for an absolute steal price!
Thanks for looking!


  1. They are beautiful! I love your anime style! <3

    1. Thanks Sasha! :D Yeah theyre a blast from the past ^^ Hope they find a good home somewhere :) <3