Thursday, March 8, 2012

Busy Week, New Projects!

Hey everyone! I know I have been so bad at updating my blog this week. Painting with Planties, Inspiration Wednesdays, its all gotten away from me! Mostly due to the fact I have gotten crazy amounts of news this week - and I have been going through the motions trying to get my brain to keep up.
So! I will splurge out to you my news, the posts I missed, and all the rest :D Because so much good luck and fortune has come my way!

To Begin:
You all may know I am having a free giveaway of 2 archival signed prints of a painting of the winners choice right now on my Facebook! I was really lucky through the share of Tammy Mae Moon to be seen by the creative director of The Forgotten Goddess! She asked me to send some paintings to her for a show in Hollywood at the end of March!! Talk about pressure :P

I had just started my next Bird Girl, with the same gorgeous model as my Rebirth girl - Michelle. She was originally supposed to be a Bird Girl, before my tangent with my deer painting. I picked out her bird to be a Golden Eagle... which I am now trying to rush and finish to send to the Forgotten Goddess asap!!
Painting With Planties:
close up work in progress shot of Eagle Girl
Heres a little sneak peak for my missed Painting with Planties! If I pull it off she should be really beautiful :D And in time for my Giveaway! So you could possibly win this print too ^^

More News

Since I needed to get Rebirth ready to send right away I took it to my art supplier Martin - who did a beautiful job framing her

Me and the painting at my art table!
just love the dark swirly frame, compliments her well i think
and finally a signature of mine that looks normal! woot!
When I was there he expressed how much he liked the painting and said I could have an art exhibit at his gallery sometime this year perhaps! Which would be my own solo show right in the center of Malmö! How amazing!

Which leads me to my -

Inspiration Wednesday

This week I was actually inspired by my models. Especially during this time trying to think of a collection to paint and put together for my show, I have met some really cool people! They are my true inspiration this week, as they help me come up with ideas, deal with my crazy reference sketches I send them and are all around really sweet people:

"Another Time" self portrait by Lauren Peralta
 Lauren is a fantastic photographer who has agreed to lend me some photos of her - and even take one for a big piece I am thinking about. I was really chuffed to be able to speak to her about my projects and got a luck break in that we have a common friend, Amy Fries, whom I was friends with in high school and is now a fashion designer in the states...photographer, fashion designer, and now painter :P Small world. Just look at that tatoo! Absolutely gorgeous. Shes going to be a super amazing lady to paint.

Lakshmita Indira, self portrait
Next would be the beautiful Mita, whom I found through my blog here! I saw her photograph and invisioned such a beautiful close up portrait of her - perhaps dark earthy style - just look at those beautiful bambi eyes! Ive got some good ideas cooking up in my head for this...youll be seeing this shortly I hope :D

Michelle! ^^
And ofc a big shout out to Michelle, my model for Rebirth and Eagle girl whos been bumming around with me for quite some time and I will probably use again in the future as she has such a beautiful face I am always inspired by it :D <3


With the show in Hollywood, an art show over Easter with the Skurup art group, and a solo show in Malmö, I have my year pretty much packed for as long as I can see it at this moment.
Wish me luck with all the stuff Ive got to accomplish, and thank you for all the support so far!!
I hope to get better and better and create a fantastic collection...
which btw will be titled.....
"Fragile Things"

Very me right? I think so. Should be fantastic.

I will be sure to keep you all updated, and until then!
All the best from me :D


  1. Your new project is looking great. I started to paint in acrylic, but I just can't get the smooth colour transitions I want. I am used to painting in oil where the paint stay wet longer, do you have any advice?

  2. Hey Marianne! I feel your pain - Ive been battling the same issue for a long time.
    There a few ways around it:
    1) look into mediums like retardants and flow release liquids to add to the paint to make them easier to blend, and not dry so fast.
    2)Can always try a mix of dry brushing and glazing to even out the transistions.
    3)If you want to make more and more acrylic paintings and want to invest in something you can do what Ive done and lookin into Golden Open Acrylics - which are specially made acrylics which dry slower, are easier to blend, reactivate the colors underneath them for easier transitions etc.
    Youre lucky youre in Denmark and theyre much easier to find there as thats where the Scand. distributer is. But they are really amazing paints and have helped me alot :)

    I wish you luck! Let me know what you come up with :D

  3. whoa plantie, i love how much is moving along and happening for you :) i'm really hoping to make it to one of the shows this coming year ! that would be incredible... and hey, hollywood is pretty close to me :)

    i reallllly love the frame martin used! it looks perfect with the perfect painting!

    xo & have an incredible weekend!

    1. thanks so much orly!! i hope you can pop onto skype soon so we can have a proper chat ^^
      oh!! and i see you havent entered my competition for a free print missy!!

      Go there and enter! ^^

      I do hope you can visit for one of the shows, would be amazing having you here, I dont know when the one in Malmö will be happening so Ill keep you updated
      needless to say, I will be swamped with work! :P

      I miss you, hope youre around soon love <3

  4. You go, girl. Congrats!
    A lot on your plate, but oh so good things, that's great!

    1. Thank you Tim Gunn Cat!! It is alot...but itll come together in the end. I have some faith :P

  5. Thanks Plantie,
    I got some retardants, so I will let you know how it works out! I will try to look for the acrylics from Golden!

    1. Never hurts to look ^^ They have alot of instructional videos give you a good idea of what they can do. I just finished my first painting made purely in open colors, and the smoothness I think is pretty nice, especially in comparison to my old work.
      Let me know how the retardants work out!!

  6. The frame is beautiful!! :D
    Congratulations on your show too! Please keep us updated on all of your exciting arting adventures! :)

    1. I will do missus! Fingers crossed this move into spring goes as smoothly as possible :D Thank you, I am happy you like the frame, I know I do ^^

  7. hihi, you are tooooooooo kind ^__^
    can't wait to see the result


    1. big hugs back!! i am reaally happy - the picture you sent is just gorgeous <3