Saturday, February 25, 2012

Show Me Your Stuff Saturdays! #3

Like a sneaky ninja Ive gone through my lists, and even friends lists today to find work I enjoyed viewing. I have snagged some of the cool new things I have found right here, so you can see some of the great things available in the art world today!

Shall we ^^

"Isilune" by June Uriagereka in watercolors, gouache, colored pencils, and pen
This lovely lady is apparently part of the Enchanted Visions Project as well! I found her today as she was recommended to me on facebook - and love her beautiful fairy, naturey paintings. I chose this one in particular because I loved the soft colors (I really love sandy yellow and olive green together), her freckles, and the moon on her forehead. She has a lovely collection of paintings, but also some really awesome necklaces and other goodies with these fantastical images on them! So I definitely recommend having a look. You can find all of her lovely items here on her Etsy shop: June Uriagereka on Etsy

Innocent Moon (Wire Copper Tree Ornament) by Dromme Lund
I was introduced to this lovely ladies designs by my friend Cat, over at CatsWire. I love love her tree moon creations (as well as her tree laterns :O)... and someday hope to get one just like this! This gorgeous ornament is 8 cm tall in total, the little tree is 3.5 cm and made out of smoked silver copper wire and acrylic beads. I can just imagine this sitting in my studio space looking peaceful and being oh so whimsy inspirational *lovely'. You can see the listing for this piece here on Etsy! Innocent Moon by Dromme Lund on Etsy

"Demonia" by Kristin Palmer in watercolor and color pencil 8.5 x 11 in.
Ms. Kristin is back to Show Off Saturdays! Here is a darker piece shes recently posted to facebook. I love red moons, they are awfully chilling and beautiful and think that this one really hits the spot. Her horns and her hair are beautifully painted. This original is for sale, as well as prints made by the artist! So if you also like this dark little lady go on over to Kristin's site and check it out! Mystic Fae Fantasy Art Prints

"Forest Elf Ear Cuff" by Sasha Fitzgerald with twisted green leaf
Sasha has announced that these beautiful ear cuffs with the twisted green leaf gem are a limited time deal from here on out! The leaf gem is no longer in production, so what you see is what you get. They are selling like hot cakes so I definitely recommend scooping up one for yourself before they are all gone! These are beautiful hand made delicate ear pieces perfect for special occassions and more. You wont find these again so head on over to Sashas Etsy shop and get one of the last of its kind! Neckline Designz on Etsy

Tattoo designed by Fanhir with swirls, hummingbird, pearls and alot of beauty
My sweet friend Lady Fanhir has recently designed this beautiful tattoo for her sister, whos back is pictured above!! I am a sucker for swirly things. In fact I have an entire tattoo of leaves and swirls on my wrists, it just makes me really happy hehe - so you can imagine why with a BIRD and SWIRLS well. Its a awesome combination ;) Best of all Fanhir can actually draw up a tattoo for you yourself! If you want an artist to make you lovely beautiful tattoo design, contact Fanhir here about just that: Contact Lady Fanhir!

That concludes this weeks Show Me Your Stuff Saturdays! I hope you enjoyed this round up of all sorts and versions of art. If you have a piece of art you'd like to show off next Saturday, feel free to comment below!

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Thank you!!! <3
    I have a lot of art to look through now ^_^

    1. Youre very welcome! I hope the new leaf gems work out well for you btw, cant wait to see what comes out of it ^^

  2. Ohhhhh, dear!!! I noticed only now!! T_T
    Thank you so much for feature me!!! You're so kindness!!!!