Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Painting with Plantie Tuesday! #6 - Creek Bed!

Its that time of week again - the time where I show you what I have been working on over here at Planties! Well, for those of you following me on Facebook youll know that I am not allowed to show you any big WIP photos of my current painting :P
Its supposed to be all hush hush, big impact once its done! I showed you theres a wolf last week at painting with planties.. this week I have been working on the creek bed at the bottom of the painting.
So, itll be pretty cut up, and excuse my HORRIFIC photography.
Bear with me! Lets see how I went about doing this...

lol, I give away so much right ;) hehe. Simple water so far..
I had started off with a quick wash basically. I was using my new Golden Open Acrylics, which really do go onto the masonite board alot differently. This is a rather unmixed mix of Paynes grey (cool color btw! loving it) yellow ochre, burnt umber...and perhaps some white.
though you may not be able to tell, the varying shades above, created more varying shades here!
Next I painted what I thought would look a bit like the pebbles and rocks underneath the water. This took quite some time! Its a mix of all the colors I mentioned above with the addition of a little bit of Burnt Sienna as well. I used a hair dryer on this as it wouldve taken forever to dry if I hadnt!

Here I added in some rocks which I wanted to be above the waters surface. These would be grey to make in with the other boulders that are scattered throughout the painting and create a bit of all around unity.
I decided to add some extra rocks on the right hand side later btw :P

Here I started adding some definition to the rocks. I didnt have any reference photos for these, so I kindve just followed the awkward shape I made for each one.

no camera flash :O painting mostly at night can be tricky

I then added some green in lightly just to add a bit of mossy algae feeling ^^

here the new open acrylic colors really helped me. I am such a golden fan boy

I used one of my really opaque new colors called Terre Verte Hue. Its this cool sortve greyish green, which just glazed on without any mediums. I just added 2 coats of this color straight up to create some movement and light reflection.

After those two coats, I added in some white-ish movement lines with a square flat brush, smudging it a bit with my fingers.

oh the subtle changes!
I added more and more of this, and even mixed a wee bit of titanium white with the terre verte hue to create more movement. I also added some darker burnt umber shades to look slightly like tree trunks, and a little reflection of the main figures leg in the water.

To add a bit more interest and detail, since the creek bed will be a focus point later on, I started adding a few new things. First off, some froggies on the rocks!

note to self: never pursue a career in photography

Also some fallen leaves...

starting to paint the frogs in yellows, browns, and a teeny bit of green.

because in my world, flowers could totally grow on rocks in a creek!

 Then I added some nice little flowers, to draw the eye upwards hopefully and back to the main figure, which is to the left ^^ Oh, and you can see a little bit of my baby deer as well!

 So, you can start to see a little creek world coming to life at the bottom of my painting! this is around abouts where it is right now, and though I know there will be some adjustments made to this later on, I am pretty pleased I got a good amount of detail going on. The more I add, the more I learn!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday :D


  1. wow, great detail! how big is the painting, or is that part of the secret? ;)

    1. hehe no its no secret ^^ its 40 cm in height, 60 cm in width, so the creek bed is 60 cm long :)
      thanks ally! hope youre doing well xxx

  2. always wonderful to hear how you go about things. looking forward to seeing more of this piece!

    1. i am in the long final touches phase! hope to post it out to you guys very soon ^^ *excited*

  3. The little creek is so enchanting! I seriously cannot wait to see this when it's done. Your teaser photos are working :P

    1. lol, its been a serious test of my patience :P but she is done now, and i am really happy about that!! i am at swedish school atm, but once I am home I will try and get her posted...camera cooperating...