Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inspiration Wednesdays : Jasmine Becket Griffith!

Hello dear bloggers! Today I'd like to share with you an artist whom I look up to and admire -  amongst my idols - Jasmine Becket Griffith!

Jasmine at her recent show at the Pop Gallery in Flordia!

I found Jasmine quite some time ago while I was going through my art exploration last year when I first started picking up painting again. I instantly fell in love with her big eyed (what I called at the time Baby Doll girls) fantasy paintings - and it even inspired me to go on a baby doll chibi craze of my own :P (for those of you witnessing that at Sketchfest you now know where that came from haha!)
"Alice and Snow White" by Jasmine Becket Griffith. This has definitely been my desktop background at work for a good 2 months :P
"Marie Masquerade" by Jasmine Becket Griffith. This painting is high up on my wish list!!
Jasmine is an acrylic painter who lives in Celebration, Flordia...and you just know only good things could come from living in a town with that name :P Not only can she create flawless beautiful characters, with seamless blending... shes also incredibly friendly! Ive already written to her shyly twice on her Facebook (which you should definitely check out: Jasmine's Facebook!) for advice on masonite panels and brushes, and shes answered back thoroughly and very sweetly. I love approachable artists who really do help others out. So that adds an extra huge thumbs up from me!

"Looking Glass Queens" by Jasmine Becket Griffith. Now that framed mirror. Is awesome.
For a girl like me, painting after work and trying my hardest to be a part of a community of artists - looking over to Jasmine who has an amazing following on all social media outlets, countless portals to shop from, several functions and shows,  and what would appear to me a well rounded business... she really is my idol. Its one thing to be a painter, which clearly she can do. Its a whole other thing to know how to market yourself and truly be involved and noticed in the fantasy art world.
Whatever shes done, shes done it right. And I am in wonderous awe!

"Portrait of Ophelia" by Jasmine Becket Griffith

Close up of "Portrait of Ophelia" by Jasmine Becket Griffith. Those eyes! So so gorgeous!
In my dream world, Id hijack - politely :D - Jasmine away for some tea and I would pick her brain for hours from everything from technique, business, her whole story. She's even going to be in my home state of Maryland this November! I dont know if I'll make it - but to all of you Marylanders out there reading this shell be at Faerie Con in Baltimore! I definitely recommend going to see her even though I'll be green with envy up here in the Nordic lands ^^

"Alice Enchanted" by Jasmine Becket Griffith
So heres your Inspiration this week! A huge idol to me, with a warm heart and an amazing talent. She has thousands of stunning paintings so please check out her home page: Strangeling and fill yourself up with some uber inspiration yourself ^^ I know she has for me many a time!

Have a great rest of the working week :D!


  1. oh! Dear Plantie Bee, thank you for sharing Jasmine with us. I have never seen her art and it is remarkable and she sounds like an awesome woman. xo

    1. I have no doubt she is! And ofc! I am happy you like her work as I do :D

  2. Jasmine's work is truly inspiring, I love the way she paint eyes!

    1. yes it is truly beautiful! i personally love the glossy touch to them and their lashes :D

  3. Great post!

    I find Jasmine as an artist and business woman an inspiration! I would love to join you in the tea and brain picking, lol! :P

  4. Oh, and I have to say, out of all of Jasmine's zillions of paintings, you've featured some of my favourites. I adore Ophelia (the colours are just stunning), and I love the framing of the mirror with two paintings on either side. :D

    1. oh i would definitly invite you along! my big dream wish ^^ but isnt she inspirational as a business woman too? sometimes i think that truly is the hardest part. I am so intrigued by her overwhelming success!

      There are so many paintings of hers I love, but I completely agree with you on the mirrored frame, and Ophelia... there are some truly wonderful factors in her color and her final compositions :D

      really glad you liked the inspiration this week hehe ^^

    2. Oh yes, she is such an inspiration when it comes to business! I wish she would write articles about building an art empire. ^_^ I'm sure she would have a lot of wisdom to pass on.

      From what I've researched, the most important parts of an art business are branding your business identity, posting new work regularily, interaction with your fans, and getting your work out there in the real world (galleries, exhibitions, publications, vending at fantasy faires). It's a lot of work, but just looking at Jasmine you can tell the rewards are worth it! :)

    3. Its a very simple clear method, which sounds alot easier on paper, and isnt an instant thing is it.
      I think I saw a really good photo on facebook for that lately. We may think success is a straight line upwards, when really its a crazy curve mess up twists and turns. But, we make our own luck and our own opportunities I think!
      I have no doubt she is a very driven person, and got there for being so.
      *self discípline!!* <--- will try harder and harder