Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inspiration Wednesdays : Tammy Mae Moon!

Good Evening everyone! Its Wednesday, which means its time to show you an artist who inspires me - in hopes to inspire you a little bit too ^^
Today I want to share with you the beautiful art of - Tammy Mae Moon!

"Deidre of the Sorrows" by Tammy Mae Moon
I found Tammy a year ago when I created this blog and was looking for other painters out there in the blogger world. The moment I found her page, I was in love!
I was quite lost back then in knowing how and what I wanted to paint since it had been such a long time, but when I saw her work it was like she had taken images from my wildest dreams and put them onto canvases so effortlessly! I was an immediate fan, no doubt!

"The Owl Keeper" by Tammy Mae Moon
As many of you know, I am a big fan of painting beautiful surreal women, it is one of my favorite subject matter...and more than that I love mixing them with birds. Well, so does Tammy! She creates brilliantly colored, gorgeous women - often with their own animal spirit. Lucious lips, big eyes...ah. Love it.

"The Phoenix Keeper" by Tammy Mae Moon
Tammy is an acrylic artist living in Kentucky. She finds inspiration in "the people that surround her, popular culture, and ancient stories." One really cool fact about Tammy is that she was a tarot card reader both professionally and personally. She even makes Totem Spirit Drawings, drawing from this talent. She can create a personalized drawing for you of the "roadmap of your soul" using your name. This is something thats definitely high up on my wishlist!!
"Stella-Mer" by Tammy Mae Moon, a Totem Spirit Drawing
You can find out about purchasing your own Totem Spirit Drawing here btw - Moon Spiral Art's Totem Spirit Drawings

Tammy Mae Moon working in her studio!
Tammy is my inspiration this week for her beautiful use of color, subject matter, and thoughtful and consistent contributions to the art world. You cant help but look into the eyes of her paintings and feel moved and inspired to create something just as heartfelt and meaningful.

Thank you Tammy for being my inspiration during my long journey back into art this past year!
I always love seeing your new work, and relishing over the old ^^

For all those interested in Tammy - check out her home page here! Moon Spiral Art

Have an Inspiring Wednesday!


  1. wonderful post about Tammy. I also loved her art as soon as i found her blog. thank you for sharing her!

    1. shes just one of those artist you immediately cling to isnt she? this has been one of the most popular inspiration posts yet in terms of views so i know she has a large following who feel just the same way! :D

  2. Wow! Her art is gorgeous, thank you for sharing!

    I love the vibrant use of colour, and emotions she portrays. I've been very interested in surreal work as well. I've been working on some pieces that are of a more surreal and emotional nature, and hope to move more toward that direction. ^_^

    1. She is very inspiring in that way isnt she. You see her work and think, right, thats what I was planning on doing (in our own little way ofc) - I just love seeing her work!

      Cant wait to see your new pieces! :D

  3. Replies
    1. it sure is! thanks for stopping by my blog ^^