Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Painting with Plantie Tuesday! #4

Happy Valentines from Plantie's! I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful love filled day today ^^ And here is my gift to you haha - my deer girl through the final stages to completetion!
As a catcher upper, you can see the first two stages of the painting here: Edition #1 and Edition #2

So! Lets begin -
all smudgey and unkept :P
This is where we left off, the trees were painted, the grass was painted, and now the deer girl deserved a bit of love!
such a nice clean palette! shame it doesnt stay that way!
Standard skin colors here, Golden Open Acrylic - Yellow Ochre, Liquitex soft body - Light Portrait Pink, Titanium White, Burnt Umber, Crimson Red
Mixed to a very yellowy red brown for shading. I didnt bother with any blues or purples as its a more cartoony painting full of green and brown, I thought this would suit best.
I cut up a new dry brush :P You can see its pretty small. I wasnt using this brush anymore as the tip of it was soft and bend. So cut down makes a great dry brush so nothing is wasted!
still rough and smudgey but itll get there
I smudge out the first layer of skin shade in all the standard places.
and then again with a slightly darker shade...
the battle of a face is long and painful.
The process of the face is a bit like childbirth. Everytime I begin I whine, I moan, I say "this was so much easier last time!!"....and then its done and I forget the pain again :P
You can see above I started off with simple lines for mapping out the face, then deeper shading, then adding in details like eyelashes and lips.
I then add in some deeper lines and shading on the skin. I believe I added a wee bit of Cobalt Blue to the brownish red mixture to add a bit more "deepness". But this was a really relieving painting as it is cartoony and I could feel a bit more free to shade as I like :P
Yay! Painting hair! One of my favorite parts :D
I do actually really love painting hair. The way I do it is quite time consuming. But I enjoy it!
I first start off with the base color and add strands and curls, as seen above. I like doing this as it adds movement and takes away the stiffness of a block of color.
the many fun stages of painting hair with acrylics
Heres how I do it. I start off with a slightly darker shade than the base and put in basic lines as to where the strands of hair will be.
2nd - I take a much darker color and with a smaller brush put in darker strands where the shadows are. i do not paint this color all over the hair as I need room for the lights
3rd - I dry brush in a bit of the dark color into the shadow areas lightly. Then with a yellowy orange color I lightly paint in highlights
4th - With a very small brush I lightly flick on a white-grey color onto the very edges of the highlight areas. Not over all of them! But the ones closest to the apparent light source.
I know this is your favorite part. No need to lie. Its one fine booty.
And the last part - the rear end ^^ Painting the brown patch on her lower back and adding pink to her bum was done using Golden Glazing Medium... the pink was tough as it was so vibrant, but quickly adding skin color on top worked very well. And the brown was super easy, just glided on, no bubbles, no scratch marks (relief)
More experiments with that medium later! Awesome stuff.
every pensioners dream painting - a deer butt girl
And this is it complete! As I am sure you remember - this painting will be in a lottery, given to the winner at Svaneholm Castle over Easter :D it makes me laugh because everyone else painted flowers...or giraffes...but no. Not me. Because if someones getting a free painting off of me - itll have to be something awesome. Like a deer butt girl.
Because I am sure every 60 year old couple who will walk through there so excited to add that painting of a peony to their collection will find out!! You can never go wrong with good old fashioned animal booty haha :D

Hope you all enjoyed following this painting through its stages!
Now its time to go cuddle my honey bun - see you later!


  1. Deer butt looks awesome! =) Hahaha, that's hilarious! =) Thank you for showing your thoughts on painting hair =) Oh god my palette is so dirty, I don't clean up (super lazy) so it's an eye sore to look at =) Great finish on this, loved the touches on the hair and face especially, yeah faces I keep telling myself the same thing, next one will be easier/better, lull =) I can't wait to see it on DA actually =)

    1. thanks for reminding me to put it up there! im really glad that you like her and you can sympathize with the process hehe ^^ hope the hair bit creates something great for you!!

  2. hello,
    this is my first time of finding you and your blog. I loved this post and your generous sharing of how you breath life into your art or this fine, mighty fine piece. I loved reading and seeing images of how you did her hair.
    Thank you!

    1. what a wonderful comment, thank you! i am glad you stopped on by ^^ and very happy that you enjoyed this post! lets hope whatever i post this upcoming tuesday can be just as fun :D! ive followed your blog, so see you around!

  3. This is one of my favourite pieces by you! I love the colour pallet, her beautiful doe eye, swirly red hair, and detailed background. <3

    1. aww thank you sasha<3 i hope whoever wins her will like her just as much ^^

  4. I really enjoyed reading through this post. This one has to be my favorite of yours, Christina. I just love her tail!

    1. haha thank you!! i am very overwhelmed by how many people really liked this painting ^^ who could resist a little deer tail on a ghetto booty anyway :D