Monday, February 13, 2012

Morning Charm Complete!

"Morning Charm" acrylic on masonite board, 14.5 x 40 cm
Here we are! This is my lovely new painting, my first on the masonite boards I showed you the other day! Richard slaved away to make me 3 box frames that matched perfectly from one board to go with the theme I was imagining.
I wanted 3 paintings, one for each time of day. Then got hooked on the popular Renaissance subject - the three graces. So I put them together!
The Three Graces are beauty, charm and creativity. I thought Morning suited charm the best ^^
Drawing inspiration from old classic paintings, I put them into my newer style. Still classy though right hehe :P
Because Richard made a box frame for all of them, the painting goes on over each side. Meaning no need to frame them, and the picture is actually alot bigger than you may first think!
that was alot of green leaves to paint let me tell ya!
my writing skills are a bit wonky at times.
I even got to sign the back! Which looks so much better than me painting it on :P You can see Richards handy work back here, wooden blocks to keep the boards nice and stable!

I hope you all like her! Only 2 more to go with that collection... But first. I have one very large painting which now is just the right time to start. Itll be very detailed, very symbolic, and very beautiful....Stay tuned!

This painting, and the following 2, will be on sale over Easter during my art show. The price will be $150 for one, $450 for all three, just in case you wont be around and want to put an offer in!
Have a great monday!


  1. Gorgeous painting! I love her dress, it's so whimsical!

    1. thanks sasha! yeah, painting a transparent dress is an ongoing challenge and pretty fun ^^ hehe