Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Painting with Plantie Tuesday! #3

Hello hello again everyone! It is Tuesday, which means Painting with Planties is in full stride. Today I am bringing you back to the painting I featured the start of 2 weeks ago - my Deer Girl which will be in a lottery draw over Easter here in Sweden :)

these trees remind me of the 70's, anyone else hehe
I will be going through how I built up the background in an hour and a half. This needed to be a quick painting so all techniques I am using are time effective. You can see above I started them the day before, and will continue using that outliney method.
messy palettes are messy -_-
First lets start with the materials! I have here some Hooker's green, Titanium white, Burnt Umber, Black, and my new Golden artist color - Yellow Ochre!
These are the 4 basic colors I used throughout the entire background, mixing various shades along the way!
i wish i could make some sortve doctor/nurse joke here.
Next! We have in my lovely medical syringe Acrylic Flow Release liquid, which must be mixed with 10 parts water, so it is easiest for me to put into a syringe to measure correctly.
Behind it you can see my next handy tip - a paint roller tray.
A problem I found with my brushes with painting is while working you cant leave them out of water as it poses the risk of having any acrylic still left in them drying and ruining the brush.
And if you leave it in a standard water tub face down it will misshape the brush and ruin it as well. My solution that I found online was using a paint roller tray, which keeps the brushes wet while I work, and also horizontal so they are basically floating and will not get smooshed at the bottom.
Back to the painting! To start off I used a dark color to outline where the bark will be moving and flowing.

bark outline complete

Then using a mix of the various colors above I worked through and around the lines to create a bit of dimension. Super simple and easy. The acrylic flow liquid really helps with this.

My hands are known to be rather shakey, and I used this to my advantage letting the funny lines I made become interesting knobs and bits on the trees

For the grass - I went through 5 steps. The first basic three are up here - first start off with a medium light color and make quick short strokes upwards all over.
Then repeat with the darker color a bit more sporadically.
Finally I added a bit of a yellow ochre/green color to add a bit of life within it.
Later on, I dry brushed on both a white-ish green, and a darker green to break up the harsh lines, which you will see below.
Since I had already smashed on some leaves 2 weeks ago, alot of different colors were already taking place. I just highlighted and shaded those with the side of my brush giving a soft bushy leaf feeling all over.
wa-la! youve got a background!
And there you have it! A nice little background in an hour and a half - using a medium, small, and one dry brush to create a fun looking wood scene.

Thanks for stopping by ^^ Feel free to ask/complain/comment!

As for next week - the Deer Girl will finally get painted!
See you then!