Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Sunrise Lament: Swan" complete!

"Sunrise Lament: Swan" acrylic on reclaimed plywood 43.5 x 65.5 cm
So! She is finally complete. Ive been battling it out with this large heavy painting for a good few weeks now, and actually kept record of how long I spent on it! After 43 hours and 35 minutes of working on her I finally got to a place last night that I was happy with.
detail of the arch bridge with wisteria flowers in the background
This painting to be shows a certain emotion I was thinking of at the time.
I suppose its no surprise the thought of a white swan bears a bit of melancholy, but to me the look on her face reminded me of times where things have been so sad for so long you just have to smile, just a little bit...despite it all theres almost a sweet undertone to all the pain.
close up of the detail on the swans head
But instead of being the crazy girl at the bus stop chuckling to herself with tears in her eyes, finding the beauty in the misery, I painted it here in a more magical setting. Because we all are the white swan girl now and again...
the wishy willow tree over the pond in the background
a side view because it can always be a bit easier to see things from this angle
I hope you enjoy my swan girl and the meanings I find in it! We all must battle on, whether it be in grace and beauty or otherwise... I hope to myself I can do just that :)
Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. It is so very lovely. ♥ Funny how we see things through the lenses of our own experiences. To me she is grieving but has happy memories. It is a beautiful, emotional painting.

  2. oh pixy i love that you have your own take on it, thats exactly what i like to hear! thank you for your kind words <3

  3. Stunning work! Really excellent work, love all the details you've done and the story you wish to express...

    // - T.W -

  4. thank you so much t.w!! i am so glad you like it and all thats in it ^^