Friday, March 2, 2012

"Rebirth" - Deer Girl Painting Complete!

"Rebirth" - acrylic on masonite board 43.5 x 60.5 cm
Happy Friday everyone! My painting is done! And to make it just even more special I have recieved papers stating my art business has been approved, and is now official in Sweden! Woot!

This is another large symbolic painting, which I completely recommend you click on because having it small doesnt do it justice!
You know I love deer girls - I love deers as a creature on its own. I have one tattooed on my foot in fact - I got it to symbolize walking with grace through my well as the old celtic thought that deers lead you to where the fairies live ^^
I love that mixed in with a beautiful delicate lady as well. I had an amazing model for this, so thank you to Michelle (michelle izzard is widening her eyes right now :P) for going along with my scatter brain ideas and letting me paint you to the best of my ability!

To be this is a newly born deer girl (shh...newly born deer girls are very well developed ;) )
She has a wolf protector to help guide her, the baby deer symbolizes her spirit, her fragility. The owl will land on her horns and give her wisdom.  It is a testiment to mother nature.
She emcompasses all things!

little bit of a close up of the mother nature deer girl

my mix match owl, which started its life as a barn owl and grew into something more like a horned owl :P
 Over the last 2 weeks Ive been painting this, there must have been over 75 reference pictures viewed, 15 youtube videos watched, and more things redone than ever before on a painting :P
I am hoping that is shows as we really pooped ourselves out over here trying to create an idea, which began quite simply, into something really inspired.

The original painting for Rebirth will be for sale at my Easter show, but if you love it or want an archival print made - you know youd make my day! ^^

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Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. oh yes, i clicked to see it larger and it is gorgeous! I can imagine all the research you did to breathe life into this piece and how wonderful it is. Congratulations!

    1. thanks tammie!! im glad you liked the painting :D was a labor of love ^^ i was sad when i knew i was done :P ;)

  2. see how talented you are!!!
    this is soooooo stunning :)))


    1. aww hun you are too sweet to me!! i hope youll like yours just as much and more :D! xoxo

  3. She's just beautiful! <3
    Congratulations on your business! That is so exciting! :)

    1. Yeah! Applying for a business always feels good, though keeping mental notes to save all recipets can be daunting, itll be worth it at tax time ^^ Thanks so much Sasha!