Monday, January 9, 2012

Sketchfest #22, a Ciwi, and an Interview!

Hello Blogger world :)
Okay, so I have been bad with posting. Ever since I started my Dragon Lore painting a week ago I have never gotten to a point where taking a photo seemed like a good idea as the dragon is the last thing to paint lol.
So Ive been quiet and hamstering things to talk about..

First off! The grand and brilliant Cat, from Catswire Jewelry, was awesome enough to include me in her Monday Interviews!! She has featured me today on her blog with a few questions and pictures and gosh well I am so over the moon :P Heres a link to the full interview:
It is the best way my year couldve started, Thank you so so much Cat! *huge hugs*

Second - and perhaps third, my friend Johanna (a.k.a Ciwi) came down from Stockholm for a bit of a visit! You may remember Ciwi from such episodes as Pheasant Girl, of which she modelled for, and other art trades and craziness we get up to.

She came just in time for Sketchfest this weekend and brought her markers and pens along with her! Which translated directly into hours of us sitting at my coffee table gabbing away watching fat people work out, twilight, and gold diggers and generally enjoying ourselves :P
Heres the results:
sketch one started with me drawing an eye...then her drawing an eye...then a face off between how bad we were at profiles and then...theres alex. the unicorn alligator hybrid. 
sketch page 2 was oh okay ill do some line art, and you color it! can you tell whos done what? :P
then sketchfest began at 10 pm our time in sweden! starting with for me  - "Rainbow Hair"
then i did one of my own prompts "Bamboo Mistress" which is one of my creepy favorites of the event
the next day after some sleep :P i did a just woken up sketch of "Clover Mermaid" trying out some color pencils for a change 

then Ciwi picked the prompt "My Gothic Valentine" for me and  yes I spent most of the hour working on her hair. Just addictive!
That concluded Sketchfest for me as my last sketch was horrible and I ran out of time to finish it :P
But before she left on Saturday night we manage our last collaboration:
the bat wing girl. I started off drawing half a face, then ciwi drew some hair, then i made a non nondescript body LOL and some roses and she finished off by drawing some wings and leaves! 

We both took turns coloring it in but let it be known that that skin is all her skill with promarkers!
It was a super fun weekend of art over here - It was great seeing everyones sketches, I cant believe the skill some people have its mind blowing.
See you at the next Sketchfest! If youre interested in joining please check it out here! -

And Ill get back to everyone about that Dragon Lore painting sometime this week I am sure :P *must make deadline!!*


  1. I found you via Cat's blog. Love your work it is just absolutely wonderful! ♥

  2. Awesome interview, thank you for inspiring us =) Good luck on your next little journey to more awesomeness! =)

  3. These are wonderful! I love the girl with rainbow hair ^_^ I love artist interviews, and yours was a pleasure to read! :)

  4. @ coltpixy - wow thank you so much colt!! i really appreciate that *happy dance* and thanks for following, ill be sure to do the same ^^

    @edward - aww thanks edward - i have no doubt itll be a fun journey lol ;)

    @ sasha - thanks sasha! funny the rainbow sketch just sold today! haha whod of thought it would be so popular ;) i enjoy artist interviews too, even cooler to be on the other side which is a first for me so i am really happy you liked it :D

  5. Congratulations on the sale! It is a beautiful piece! :)