Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Dragon Lore" - Enchanted Visions Project complete!

"Dragon Lore" acrylic on canvas board 30 x 40 cm
Note!: This painting is for SALE by the artist
It comes in the measurements above, unframed.
It will be personally signed on the back, and comes with a Work in Progress booklet 
detailing how your painting was made.
Price: 1750 SEK (250 U.S. Dollars) price includes shipping
Payment through paypal:
comment stating the paintings name, your address, and your personalized message :)

Thanks for Looking!

Well, its safe to say this painting stole half my soul :P Even worse I painted like a mad woman today to finish it and thanks to the Swedish Daylight in the winter...I had about 15 minutes before sunset to take those photos lol.

So its safe to say it DOES look alot better in real life ;) Sorry folks me and my camera skills once again!

the chinese temple on cliffs surrounded by misty fog

The whole painting is chalk full of symbolism which i carefully panned out. As I said, its year of the dragon, inspiration for this painting! So for me the dragon is 2012, wearing a bit of golden armor acquired from the hardships of last year. The dragon, which doesnt look really chinese but has influences, is a keeper of balance, the ying and yang. So, I added the scales in her hands, in a pose as if shes guarding it. Which for me is important this new year, keeping balance and stability which had been lost for some time now.
chinese woman in traditional robes guarding the pomegranates in the bamboo forest
The woman in the corner is pointing the way for the dragon, holding pomegranates, which is a sign of fertility in China (as well as a dragon). I want this to be a prosperous and "fertile year", full of rich opportunities.

The mountains are the long way there is to climb to reach all the goals and resolutions, the mist the inbetween phases, things you just cant plan between the now and the then.

I wanted to add a rabbit in the corner to symbolize the past year, and also my birth year (i was born 1987, year of the rabbit) but I ran out of time :( *cry*

This was a long and laborous project, but it was a good way to start the new year.
Painting in symbolism and challenging myself quite a bit with some difficult tasks
But I hope you all enjoy it and Happy Chinese New Year again! :D


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous. You keep surprising me ... in a very good way!!

  2. thank you darling cat! haha ill try and keep up the shock factor, i promise :P

  3. oh and thanks too coltpixy!! *hugs*

  4. I think you did an amazing job on this dragon!

  5. thank you marianne!! looking forward to the start of class tonight ^^

  6. Oh my gosh - this is truly amazing. Jaw dropping. I love the dragon, he's gorgeous, as well as all of the symbology you put into this piece. I think it will be snapped up quick!