Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Blossom's Promise: Blue Bird" Painting is complete!

"Blossom's Promise: Blue Bird" acrylic on canvas featuring cherry blossoms, branches and lots of hair 46x38 cm
Shes done!! I have been painting this on and off all week, and its always been a very pleasant bright painting to have around during these grey foggy days leading up until 2012.
I think her hair was a real treat to paint, though intimidating at first...I think its what makes me happiest at this point ^^
Her hands were the next greatest challenge... I spent a good 4 hours or so working and reworking them. But gosh the time goes by so fast when youre painting, I barely even noticed! In the end I think I am getting better and better at painting hands...but I cant wait for Mariannes anatomy classes in January so I can do a better job of drawing them straight from imagination.
close up of the little blue bird in flight
close of up the Bird Girl's face, with all of her flowers and twirly hair :D oh oh and freckles!
This makes 5/12 Bird Girls complete! I am pretty chuffed! Next project up will be Dragon Lore for Echanted Visions Project...and I also managed to snag a model at McDonalds yesterday night LOL! So I am hoping to use her for  many and varied projects as she has an excellent face *woot for being bold!*

I hope everyone has an ammaazing New Year and a great and grand start to 2012!!!


  1. The hands are gorgeous!!!Drawing hands is something I definitely need to practice on but you've done an amazing job here!

    I also want to follow your blog but I have no idea how that Google Friend Connect thing works,I tried to figure it out in the past but I couldn't so I gave up-but I'll try again after the holidays are over :)

    I hope you have an amazing New Year with lots of inspiration!!! :)

  2. Hey hey pali!! oof well, google friend connect. no idea. all i know is i have a google email, and a google "blogspot" so...all i do is push the follow button :/
    but! i have up above on the right: a subscribe with RSS button, and below that, a "follow me via email" box thingy so youve got options :P

    thanks so much for your kind comments, hands are such tricky things, anatomy in general usually bites me in the butt but i am so glad all my hard effort paid off and you like her hands hehe!!
    you can always try and join mariannes anatomy class - its free! and it starts in january
    let me find the link...
    have a look see!

    HAPPY NEW YEAAARRR!! i wish you just the same, a very inspiring, creative, happy and wonderous 2012 :D!!! xxx

  3. Her hair is just STUNNING and those hands are seriously perfect. They look REAL. *amazed by your skills* :D

    I can't wait to see what you create for Dragon Lore! And a model from Mcdonalds LOL seems like quite an ironic place to find a model :P

  4. lol, it is slightly ironic i suppose, but i guess thats what makes it a good story :P

    Oh gosh, Dragon Lore..its going to be a toughie!! I have some reference pictures stocked up...Ill work out a sketch today before its back to the office tomorrow...
    are you doing the theme for this month?

    thank you so much!! i am so happy you like them both :D! lets see if i can do a dragon just as well right ;) HAPPY NEW YEAR HUN!!

  5. @plantie_bee
    Oh I've been following your blog via RSS for a while now but I had the standard Blogger Feed URL(probably because I found it through my browser's rss icon),I replaced it with the Feedburner one now :)

    Thank you so much for all the wishes and the fb link,I'll definitely check it out!!!

  6. Happy New Year to you too! <3
    Yep, I believe you've seen my wip, so hopefully it will be done in time :D EV & Sketchfest are so much fun XD

  7. sketchfest is alot of fun - i wish i would do it more proactively like this time round (always easier with a friend about i think)
    i cant remember seeing any sketches from you though, did you join in? :)