Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter's Prayer: Cardinal Complete!

"Winter's Prayer: Cardinal" acrylic painting 41 x 33 cm
She is complete ^^ Just in time for Christmas :D
This is my older sister Alex, whom I have painted with her spirit bird the Cardinal dressed with the traditional St. Lucia crown of candles.

Though no Swedish person could tell me themselves why they celebrate her death on December 13th every year - I looked it up myself! *cough* Ive taken this from Wikipedia so bare with me :P:
Basically she was a Christian who vowed herself to God back in the day where Pagans were the majority. Her Pagan husband denounced her for her faith sentenced her to be burned, however no flame could consume her.

The candles on her crown symbolize that fire that couldnt touch her. I believe her eyes were stabbed out by her husband, and she was stabbed in the throat by a soldier (very bloody, hence the red ribbons lucia girls wear) but she was only able to die once she recieved the Christian sacrament.

Now this is a really choppy version of her story.
In modern day Sweden one girl from each town is picked to portray Lucia - and parade around in her crown for a day (always the most beautiful of course!)
Which is why my beautiful older sister was perfect for this :D

Hope you all enjoyed that history lesson lol.
Here are some close up photos and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! :D!!


  1. First of all, GORGEOUS painting. I love her hair, facial expression, and the sweet little Cardinal. Secondly, I love history lessons, hehe, so thanks for the story. Very fascinating!

  2. Yeah its an interesting story, one I am glad I looked up as it bothers me "celebrating" things I know nothing about. This was my first Lucia Day in Sweden and not a single person could tell me who Lucia was or what she had done... But its a intriguing tale and she makes for a pretty picture :P

    thanks so much, im glad you like it :D!

  3. What a stunning painting! Amazing work on the shading and all~
    As Lucia mostly is about drinking nowadays in Sweden, it's nice to see a more beautiful image of the holiday. ^-^

    God Jul!

    // - T.W -

  4. thanks so much t.w :)
    hehe im glad i could capture a nice picture of the holiday!! :D

    Gul jul och gott nytt år!

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Your latest portraits are wonderful, and so full of life!

    God jul og godt nytår!