Sunday, December 18, 2011

First Snow and Alot of Paint!

Hello all! So the first snow has fallen here in little Skurup. Theres hardly a thing sticking but its the thought that counts :P
Today inbetween doing bits and bobs on my painting we also moved all my old chibi girl paintings into my step daughters room!
This felt really nice as they fit perfectly there, and it frees up the stairway for all the incoming bird girls who had no home hehe
BeeBee, Heidi, Matilda, and Olga in their new home! A girly pink and green room ^^

as well as Gretchen and Fox girl chibi by the entrance. Her room is now officially stuffed with paintings :P
so now in the stairway are Crane Girl, Pheasant Girl and Circe, with tons of room for all the new paintings underway!
and who could forget Miss Canary, who sits with my love the Pinecone Santa in the stairway landing ^^
and here as a sneak preview is my work on Cardinal girl, all fitted out for St. Lucia! Getting closer!
I have been accepted into the local Skurup Art Club, which means these ladies may be in some exhibitions soon and will actually be framed! Thatll be a new thing for me - if anyone has any suggestions for framing please let me know!
I hope everyones been having a pleasant weekend and have been keeping warm! ^^


  1. Lovely and I hope they get to be exhibited :) I love miss canary. I love them all!

  2. hey thanks so much sue!! yes fingers crossed all goes well next year ^^ and to answer from your blog - i am doing well thanks :P a bit overwhelmed with christmas but hey only one more week right ;)
    hope youre well yourself and having a very festive season :D!!

  3. Those chibis are ADORABLE!!! :D Your step daughter is a very lucky girl! :)

    Congratulations on joining the art club! I hope to see photos from your future exhibitions. :D As for framing ideas... I am really loving those shabby chic, vintage/ornate frames, painted white or black.

  4. haha im glad you like the chibis ^^ they were my fun little passion last spring - i think they have a nice home now.

    i looove shabby chic frames too :O im just so worried about the cost really :/ why oh why must art be so expensive lol...-_- but itll be worth it - ill let you know what i can come up with when the time is right!

    hope youve had a wonderful holiday season so far :D!!