Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And the New Bird Girl is...

Blue Bird!!
My new model is my sweet friend Susie, who made me think of these cute, bright little birds. Its nice going back into a more light painting again after doing a few blackish ones :P

Blue Bird Girl Sketch
From the reference pic I wanted to make her hair quite elaborate as in real life Susie has really long wavy hair - I had to make it more of a center piece! And add lots of little birds and flowers around ^^
WIP of Blue Bird Girl...need a proper name for the painting :P
Its going to be a very blue and pink painting in the end :P
Ive been hashing out issues with her face shape, eye shape, lip shape, every shape! But I think I got alot done yesterday ...
And I am on VACATION! Woot! So plenty of free time to spend painting and having a good time ^^

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year and will have an equally awesome time ringing in the New Year :D!


  1. Ohhh! That little bird is so friggin' cute! :DDD
    And I love your painting so far, the composition looks great!!

  2. heeey sasha ^^
    i know right? what an adorable bird :P it really suits susies sweet cute personality, im happy

    thank you! its going to be long one with all that hair but ill get there in the end <3