Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A new painting, and a very rainy week

Well Ive been really slow to start and post about this new painting... I had guests over the weekend and its been a real heavy work week with lots of rain, ice, and a nasty chill in the air.
But! Despite all that I have gotten some good progress done on my new Bird Girl!
And the model sister!

And the bird I gave her was the beautiful red cardinal

which I think suits her so well and will make a great holiday-esque painting in the end I believe :)

Here are some WIP shots for you!
i always pictured a white and blue fluffy background, little did i know due to her pose it would make her so small :O
okay so i broke the flash on my camera for a day but this is where i was putting on the base colors. always an ugly time :P but ill skip the worst of it lol!
thanks sis for helping me appreciate just how intricate the human neck is!! still working on that...
and just a bit of a close up on her face. i am still not completely happy but. i guess thats just part of being a painter.
Its a long way off done hehe, but it should come together nicely later on. Longest and hardest part will be the rest of her skin thats for sure. Only another 40 hours of work right ;)


  1. Lookin' good so far!
    I love cardinals, they're so pretty :D Wish I could see one in real life!

  2. yeah its going alright :P i am still really frustrated with it -_- but thats how it always is

    yeah! cardinals lived in my homestate where i grew up in maryland... they are very beautiful and eye catching! quite big also... :) someday hop over to the east coast and see some ;)