Friday, December 2, 2011

Hunters Run: Pheasant Girl

Hunters Run - Pheasant acrylic on canvas 41 x 33 cm

So! I finished this painting 1 or 2 days ago but was having a horrible time trying to photograph it. The background being so black, and the varnish being so shiney...I just couldnt get a shot without shine!
I brought it into work as we had a professional photographer in shooting some bikes - and he went all out trying to get it perfect :P
He even built an enormous hut around the picture, tripod and himself (yes pictures later :P) trying to make sure no light could hit it...but alas no luck. Its like a disco ball.
So! You have my slightly blurry, slightly reflective photo - which I will try to correct soon I promise.
But I hope you like the painting anyway ^^
close up of the pheasant

close up of my dear friend Ciwis face!
Hope everyone has a nice weekend to looking forward to and are praising the Friday gods as much as me :D

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