Saturday, December 10, 2011

Because Michelle Izzard Hates Me Anyway!

Hehe the title says it all. Last night, I had plenty of time on my hands. I knew it was the time to paint after a long day at work and at school, but I just am so mad at my Cardinal girl painting I couldnt muster up the courage to battle through it.
I was recently accepted into the Enchanted Visions Project, where a theme is picked and fantasy artists paint what they feel from the theme every month.
This month is Circe - the greek goddess! Also the keeper of the Golden Fleece.
So using my trusty face once again I set to work on a very small linen (whoa so different to cotton O_o) canvas I had saved.
Heres photos of the progress I made last night!:

it always looks creepy when the skin goes in and nothing else, then once the eyes and lips are defined its finally human once more!

I used the same technique as the Canary girl here, making layer after layer of swirly hair color

and this is where I am now! Gold in her hair, the fleece just starting to take shape around her shoulders, and the crown of leaves on her head done.
This is my first time participating in Enchanted Visions and I am really excited to contribute this time around! Hopefully can be finished with this painting this weekend, and then tackle Cardinal Girl O_o

I need to be so fast because I have a secret santa digital painting I need to do for Secret Santa on DA and I am not really so excited about that atm -_-

Anyway hope you like Circe, and Michelle! Go paint! Or come here and do it :P


  1. Right... That's it.. I'm catching the next plane!!! :-) x it's gorgeous as always.. You're a whirlwind!

  2. She's looking beautiful! I love the way you've shaded her hand. :D

    I'm trying to get a piece done for enchanted visions. I can never seem to make the deadline though! lol :P

  3. @ Michelle - haha ill see you there ;) ill get us a bit of wine and we can paint and gab :P

    @ Sasha - thanks so much! i had no idea enchanted visions had a deadline (im a noob) but luckily got it done beforehand. i have taken final pictures here at work today so well see how it goes
    im excited about next months too! dragon lore! despite being completely void of ideas... :P how about your?