Tuesday, November 29, 2011

who doesnt love snail mail packages around the holidays

A little while back I ordered 2 items from my own Zazzle Shop -  a mousepad for my new job as I dont have one over at my office :P and a keychain because well...I have to admit I love keychains. So must add to my small collection.
Well they both arrived today much to my merry surprise! I was so happy opening them up, like an early Christmas ^^ and seeing how bright and clear the colors were!
my computer at home, so brightened up! love owls :P

you can see here what a great job zazzle does when printing designs, great colors and very clear

the flash kindve made the subtley of this picture off, but it has amazing colors irl as well :)
You can find those products and designs all on my Zazzle shop here:  http://www.zazzle.com/plantiebees :)
So! There are my early Christmas presents by me, to me :P Hopefully I will feel a bit better and get to paint later today (have done no painting today, so lame!)
I think I could even be done with this one before the weekend :O Which would be uber exciting!
I DO have my next model lined up and she just happened to be my "Christmas Bird" girl - which comes incidently at a perfect time.
So many great projects, so little time ^^
Hope everyones well!


  1. Wow! Your zazzle mousepad looks really great! I always wondered what their printing quality was like. :D

  2. i know right? its always touch and go with printing products of any kind...but zazzle never ceases to surprise me i definitely recommend them ^^