Monday, November 28, 2011

Because I Love a Good WIP Post

Today I was home sick from work and inbetween being half dead on the couch I continued work on my Pheasant Girl.
I loves me some good old fashioned WIP photos so I just had to share (I can get a bit obsessive with the camera throughout the painting progress - so theres basically a picture for every time I take a 5 minute break..Ill spare you all of that though :P)
Lets start!
Pheasant Girl - the tedious task of skin
I began work on her body skin today. Doing her face is always a complicated long process, which I love and feel determines the rest of the painting...the skin on the body? A very long tedious task of the same colors over and over again for hours...
basic of it complete!
But I got to a basic good place earlier, with only some minor tidbits I need to work on
yes, i sit on the floor when i paint. my poor back.
This is me - the sicky working on her hair slowly as I just couldnt stand to nitpick at her skin any longer. You can see my super strong light over the top of my painting always makes her hair look like such a stop light.
close of Pheasant Girls face this evening
But I got alot of the basics of her hair done. It is very hard to photograph at night! This is without flash, but with or without it didnt capture the colors the way they are in real life, with subtle oranges and such. But I added in alot of the wispy bits of floating hair which makes me happy as its one of my favorite details to add ^^

Thats all from me this evening! Its back to work tomorrow but hopefully will be able to start work on that bird soon O_o now THAT will be fun ;)


  1. This piece is GORGEOUS! Her hair is so well painted. I wish I was so skilled with opaque paints! You are very talented :)

  2. you are way too sweet to me :P lol thank you so so much for the wonderful comments *blush* i hope you like the finished painting as well:D