Saturday, November 19, 2011

Song for Spring: Canary Painting Complete!

Song for Spring: Canary, acrylic on canvas 46 x 38 cm
Yay! She is complete! My lovely Canary bird girl has now been varnish and photographed, sealing the deal on this lovely portrait. Over the last few days Ive had to complete her hands, her hair, and the canary. All of which was really fun (except some moments with that damn yellow bird :P) and I am so excited to have her hang on my wall ^^

Here a few of the last WIP photos:
i painted her hair like a i would digitally, starting off with medium colors thickly

then using various sizes of brushes and progressively darker paint it started to take shape
 I was so inspired by this portrait - it gathers up all the fragility and delicateness of a woman and counters it against the same characteristics of a bird. I felt like this could be a whole line of paintings, inpsired by beautiful woman I know and painting them with birds I feel "match" them.
I already have my next sketch lined up so watch this space!! ^_^

Hope everyones having a wonderful weekend!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful, you did a great job!

  2. Plantie!
    She's fantastic! The hair is awesome!

  3. thank you lotus!! ^^ im so happy you think so!
    hope all is well in your corner of the world x

  4. Very nice painting, I love the colours =) That is a very nice idea to contrast birds with women =) Thank you for sharing this lovely piece, btw I love it that you work traditionally as well =) Cheers! =)

  5. thanks edward :) yeah i love the idea too, and have gotten some great models lined up as well! ^^
    i love working traditionally - its been great practice trying to learn digitally especially now that i work in design a bit at my work but...nothing beats real paint ^^

  6. She's beautiful! I the theme and idea behind the piece (comparing the delicate fragility between the two creatures) along with how gorgeous that hand is. Serious hand envy over here :P

  7. oh yeah hands! my arch nemesis - this is where a good reference picture saved me ^^
    anatomy is one of my biggest downfalls, thank you for the support! and for understanding my concept - i am addicted to beautiful fragile things :P