Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bird Girl #2: Red Crown Crane

okay! so i undertook the mission of minding the perfect model/bird for my next painting.
I have a beautiful friend named Stephanie who decided to grab before my nerves went out on me :P
She does professional modelling and was so sweet to give me a range of her photos for me to choose from. Here is the reference picture I chose:

gorgeous right!
and this is where i started botching her up horribly :P
this is where I stole her face and made a mess out of her mouth so sorry!!

Unlike the Canary girl, I didnt think a plain background would suit what I had in mind.  So I decided to just wing it and go for the smokey cool blue snow background like my other crane paintings ive done
positioning the picture onto the canvas to make sure i know itll fit
then i started slapping on some good old fashioned snow
I have to admit, I had a really hard time with stephanies face! I think I have given her some multitudes of plastic surgery just out of the sheer frustration that came about when coloring and shading began to take place :P
she just looks so angry, and every but just drove me CRAZY!
But never fear! I have begun a really good saving of her darling face.
here is where it is now, less angry, and more sincere, with a bit more work to be done on the cheekbones etc
 In the end if I get her skin right, and her hair I am sure Ill be onto a winner
Hope you enjoyed that messy rendition of my new painting lol, and Steph I hope you werent too appalled with bits of the process xx ;)
Till later!


  1. Can't wait to see your updates on this one!!

  2. Very nice piece =) You apply paint very nicely and the modeling is good =) A bit more yellow could bring out her skin tone better or jus add touches of warmer colours to add interest, but jus a suggestion =) Good luck with finishing =)

  3. hey edward! i do try to blend the best i can with acrylics on canvas, can be tricky sometimes though :P i understand what you mean about warmer colors, but (and this is the tired soul in me) ive completed most to all of her skin now and would be afraid to go back and edit it lol ;)
    hehe, but thank you for the advice and hopefully youll like the finished result! :D